This half-despairing statement from a Florida physician will break your heart. #obamacare

LIBRE has put out this ad out against Joe Garcia in Florida. You see, Rep. Garcia – when he’s not hiring chiefs of staff who later get convicted for election fraud – has been recently trying to quietly distance himself from Obamacare. Presumably this has been because Obamacare has been generally awful… and awful and arrogantly dismissive of Latino voters. So LIBRE has set up The Accountability Project:



“This law does not put patients first,” the physician, Grazie Pozo Christie, says in the ad. “My patients ask if I will continue to provide care for them, and it pains me to say, ‘I don’t have an answer.’”

I don’t mind theorizing about policy matters. It is, in fact, a necessary part of the process. But, in their enthusiasm, the Democratic party leadership seems to have forgotten that real people have to live with the consequences of poor political decisions. Joe Garcia’s prior support of Obamacare has resulted in people getting scared and worried; he has materially made people worse-off, and there is absolutely no reason to let him or any other Democrat hide from the consequences. Garcia is trying, of course (the usual declined-to-comment), but he should not be allowed to succeed. We absolutely must hold our politicians responsible when they do their constituents wrong, whether those politicians like it or not.


So more of this, please. Because Dr. Christie didn’t do anything wrong, and she shouldn’t have to pay for Rep. Garcia’s poor judgement.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: If you’re wondering what Rep. Garcia could do to satisfy me, that’s the wrong question. The right question is What is the ethical course of action in a situation where you recognize that you have done something immoral? If Garcia hasn’t gotten to even that point yet, he has worse problems than my low opinion of him.


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