Quote of the Day, Pro-#Obamacare Trolls Will HATE Reading This edition.

Stu Rothenberg, after looking at the 2012 exit polls and noting that the same electorate that re-elected Barack Obama also supported repeal of Obamacare over not-repeal 49/44, finishes up with:


There is no denying that Obama won the 2012 presidential election. But that vote shouldn’t be held up as a vote of confidence for Obamacare. And it’s worth mentioning (again) that the Republicans taking a stand against the president were elected, too.

That they were, Stu. That they were. If Barack Obama wanted to have a mandate to keep Obamacare, let alone expand it, then he should have worked more to elect more Democrats in 2012. Then again, it’s long been known that Barack Obama is rather bad at getting his ostensible colleagues in the Democratic party elected, so possibly keeping him far away from close races in 2012 was a feature for his party, not a bug.

Moe Lane (crosspost)




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