New Mexico Attorney General Gary King's (Democrat) ...links... to stolen emails.

Oh man but this is going to throw a spanner into the works for Democrats in New Mexico next year.


Executive summary: Jamie Estrada, former campaign manager for Susana Martinez (now the Republican governor of New Mexico), is accused of stealing* emails from her campaign account and passing them along to Democratic operative (and accused pedophile[**]) Jason Loera. Loera is likewise accused of passing along selected emails to Democratic state chair Sam Bregman, who then used those emails in at least one court case. Loera and Bregman are linked – the former consulted for the latter – and at this point, well. The whole thing is getting quite close to New Mexico Attorney General (and Democrat) Gary King.


As the federal indictment made clear, Jamie Estrada is accused of deliberately making it look like the domain for Martinez’s campaign site had been shut down by renewing the domain under a fake name and address; he then set it up so that mail sent to it would go to a different account. Estrada then allegedly passed that information along to selected groups and individuals. One of those groups was apparently the rather laughably named Independent Source PAC, who passed selected emails to AG King. King then released a bunch of other emails, in what is largely now considered to be a flagrantly political move to embarrass Governor Martinez prior to the 2014 election. This led to King’s immediate rebuke from the FBI, on the grounds that they were actually in the middle of an investigation and they didn’t need anything complicating Estrada’s alleged decision to perjure himself to the federal government. And Estrada has apparently perjured himself, but good; the question now is on how many people the man feels like taking to jail with him. Early days, yet – but it could be a bunch.

Gary King is planning to run for Governor in 2014, by the way – which means that he’s got to be hoping right now that the New Mexican electorate is willing to believe that King just happened to be the unwitting beneficiary of a nefarious, yet clumsy, network of information thieves, hardcore progressive activists, and at least one (alleged) pedophile.



Good luck with that!

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Specifically, “Prosecutors allege Estrada used password and username information, which he obtained as campaign manager in 2009, to change the computer account for the governor’s campaign organization after Martinez took office as governor in 2011. Messages sent by Martinez, her aides and supporters through the campaign email system never went to the intended recipient and instead were directed to a computer account controlled by Estrada, according to a federal indictment.”

[**Link added. They allegedly caught this guy with disks full of child porn.]


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