New Sean Bielat (R CAND, MA-04) ad.

The major trouble with trying to talk about Joe Kennedy III as a candidate is… oh, heck, let the Sean Bielat campaign explain it:

(Ad done by our own Ben Howe, btw)


That’s it, in a nutshell: there’s nothing there except the ‘Kennedy’ and the ‘III.’ If this kid was named ‘Patrick Dolan’ or something then he wouldn’t be the Democratic nominee for MA-04 – and this is not even remotely a revelation. Sean Bielat even said it to Kennedy’s face: “I don’t think in any other state, in any other district in the country people would consider you qualified for this office.”


Now, I freely admit to being a partisan hack, but I have to admit: jumping from working in a county DA’s office to US Congressman in one go is a bit of a stretch. And it’s not mean to point out that the major reason why (Joe) Kennedy III thinks that he can do it is because of that last name. And while it is mean to note that the Kennedy clan have been throwing up horrific Members of Congress lately, it becomes less so when you realize that the latest iteration is, at best, an amiable drifter who can’t even keep up with his own website.

All of which is to say: if you’ve got the resources, throw some Sean Bielat‘s way.

Moe Lane (crosspost)


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