Mitt Romney's rapid response to Obama's "You can't change Washington from the inside" gaffe.

Nice to see that the Romney campaign is doing rapid-response:

Transcript when I get it, but the gist is that the President today admitted that his last four years were an, ah, miserable failure; and Mitt Romney was happy to note that if Barack Obama thinks that he can do better at changing Washington from the outside than Obama could at changing Washington from the inside then Mitt Romney, for one, would be happy to help make sure that Barack Obama gets that chance.  It was really quite fun: ‘the white flag of surrender’ – which is one of those tropes that Republicans like to throw in the faces of Democrats, given the latter’s endemic reputation for being wimps – was mentioned at least twice, so you know that Romney was having fun.


Moe Lane

[UPDATE]: Some of the best part:

Now the country faces major challenges, you know that we face massive debt, trillion-dollar deficits. We face a Washington that’s broken – that can’t get the job done. The President today threw in the white flag of surrender again. He said he can’t change Washington from inside. He can only change it from outside. Well, we’re going to give him that chance in November. He’s going outside. I can change Washington. I will change Washington. We’ll get the job done from the inside – Republicans and Democrats will come together. He can’t do it. His slogan was ‘Yes, we can.’ His slogan now is ‘No, I can’t.’ This is time for a new president.


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