Sal Pace (D CAND, CO-03) refuses to admit that he's voting for Obama (VIDEO).

Tell me again how… puissant… Barack Obama’s name is in Colorado.


For those without video, the person on the left is CO-03’s freshman Rep. Scott Tipton (R); the person on the right is state representative Sal Pace, the Democrat trying to replace him (the person on the middle is largely irrelevant*).  In the video, presumably of a debate, Rep. Tipton is perfectly happy to state for the record that he’s voting for Mitt Romney by name in the upcoming election: despite numerous, explicit invitations to do so, Pace… refuses to say anything more specific than that he’s voting for the “Democrat.”  What makes this particularly interesting is that Tipton’s seat was redrawn by Colorado Democrats to be more of a swing district, and it was a 50/47 McCain/Obama one in 2008.  You would think that Sal Pace thus wouldn’t be worried about his “I will vote for Barack Obama” showing up in a campaign ad.


You would think.

(Via Revealing Politics)

Moe Lane

PS: Just for the record: yes, this is an act of cowardice on Sal Pace’s part.  And yes, Democratic activists have a right to expect better behavior from Sal Pace.  Have a nice day!

*Expect a certain amount of 110% TRUE CONSERVATIVE NO MORE RINOS!!!!1!!!ONE!!!! screaming about that one.


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