Barack Obama does the Mother Of All Punchings Down.

The President went after 2016: Obama’s America.

Perhaps the president was hoping 2016: Obama’s America would come and go unnoticed like so many other political documentaries. But seven weeks after its opening, the film is still going strong, prompting Barack Obama to finally respond, which he has done through a lengthy entry at his campaign’s website that calls the movie “a deliberate distortion” of his “record and world view.”


Wow.  Is there nobody over at the White House who could have stopped Barack Obama from doing this?  – Because if you’re doing a hostile documentary about somebody, you kind of want that person to go on the record and yell and get upset and generally lose their cool.  Because that usually appears to the public as being shorthand for “OW!  THAT HURT!” As was noted on Twitter; yea, indeed, this is the movie that the White House doesn’t want you to see.

Seriously, will Gerald Molen and Dinesh D’Souza have to declare this on their taxes? – Because Obama is putting money in their pockets.

Moe Lane


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