Democrats pass on chance to neutralize Cardinal Dolan appearance at RNC.

You’d think that somebody would have jumped on Timothy Cardinal Dolan’s offer, given that the cardinal’s agreement to offer a prayer at the RNC was a pretty big deal. Dolan runs the Archdiocese of New York, as well as the Conference of Catholic Bishops. If you need to know what that means, in practical terms, that’s actually easy to show: he’s the equivalent of this guy (mild language warning*)


The one nodding at 3:00.

So, anyway: Dolan’s a pretty big get, especially since the Roman Catholic Church is sufficiently annoyed at the Democrats right now over the lack of conscience exemptions for abortion that they’re ready to play nice with the party of small-government conservatives – which actually could cause long-term problems, as Holy Mother Church hates getting too deep into American politics. So Dolan would actually like to keep the Church’s options open. But apparently nobody in the DNC knows how to play this game: Dolan went to the Democrats, told them that he’d be happy to do a prayer for them, too… and probably watched with some pity as party officials completely missed the hint.

Get used to it, Your Eminence. Goodness knows, the rest of us have had to.

(Via @ByronYork.)

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*For those without video: it’s the clip from Ghostbusters when they’re in the Mayor’s office. One of the best bits of a movie famous for good bits.


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