A long, drawn-out death rattle for Komen for the Cure?

You no doubt remember that controversy: Komen decided to stop funding Planned Parenthood, the Left erupted in rage, Komen backed down. Victory for the liberal feminist movement! …And how does victory look now?



Reuters: “Komen said it had had problems meeting targets in about half of the five fundraising events it has staged since the blowup. One in Lafayette, Louisiana, raised less than $400,000, below its $500,000 goal, and another, to be held in Fort Worth, Texas, is also struggling.”

News4Jax: “The Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization is failing to meet its fundraising targets after the charity decided to cut and then later restore funding for Planned Parenthood, a leading provider of birth control and sexual health care.*”

NWCN: “Eastern Washington’s Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure is less than three weeks away, but so far, registration and fundraising numbers are down. Organizers think the drop in support is likely related, at least in part, to the national debate between Komen and Planned Parenthood.”

You’ll notice that none of these articles really try to address in any kind of detail why Komen is still having problems with fundraising, despite the fact that according to the established narrative of events Komen should not be still suffering. After all, according to that narrative Komen is now even more on the side of the angels, given that they purged all those horrible, horrible pro-life women from positions of authority; so everything should be fine. And yet, it’s… not. Well, to be marginally sympathetic, the media has a problem here, because there are two explanations, and neither is good for the narrative.


The first explanation is that pro-choice feminists are incredibly nasty, spite-filled, and inherently vicious individuals who think that any infraction against them can only be wiped out by blood; they are thus unlikely to be satisfied until the leadership of Komen goes out and publicly beats to death ten pro-life members of their own family. That’s ten each, of course. The second explanation is that a goodly number of pro-life women also contributed to Komen, and while they may have been able to ignore the PP [connection] before they’ll be blessed if they’ll ignore it now. And – as usual – the Left is not picking up the slack.

Yes, now that you mention it, the two scenarios are not mutually exclusive. But Komen had better hope that it’s one or the other – because if both are true then there’s only way that alienating the Left with your presumption and the Right with your cowardice can end, and that’s with the entire edifice toppling to the ground. Even with only one scenario being true it’s going to be a while before the Right forgives and forgets; possibly too long a while for this particular institution.


Mind you, liberal feminists can prove me wrong by funding Komen to 120% of previous totals… actually, yes, I did type that out with a straight face. But only because – false modesty aside – I’m very good at this sort of thing.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*The executive director for Komen’s North Florida affiliate would like you to know, by the way, that his group never had an affiliation with PP in the first place. Good luck with that, sir.


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