Paul Ryan: 20% tipper.

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That’s pretty much the most important thing that you should take from neo-Puritan* Susan Feinberg’s decision to make a scene in a restaurant by accosting (drunkenly?) Rep. Paul Ryan‘s choice in alcoholic beverages (which he paid for on his personal card**): the man subscribes to the “20% is the new 15%” rule of tipping in this wonderful new economy that Reid, Pelosi, and (after 2008) Obama has wished upon us. Which I do myself. After all, aside from the aforementioned bad economy waitstaff don’t really have that great a job. I mean, at any point they may be called upon to… I don’t know, handle low rent, belligerent drunks who are accosting folks who are just trying to peacefully enjoy their dinners. You know. Trash behavior.


Out of curiosity, Susan Feinberg: how much did you tip your server? After all, as Mediate – MEDIATE, forsooth! – noted, you’re able to afford dinner at that restaurant, too.

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*”Neo-Puritan” because I suspect that Prof. Feinberg may lack some of the laudable qualities of the originals.

**For the record: I don’t care what they do in other – and usually lesser*** – countries, particularly the ones that are neo-socialist parasitic hellholes. In America a man is allowed and entitled to spend his own money on overpriced wine if he so chooses, and he should have a reasonable expectation of being permitted to do so in peace and quiet without having a neo-Puritan self-appointed political mutaween hassling him over it. If this is a problem for the Activist Left… move.

***While America is of course the greatest country in both the explored universe and in the historical record, there are nevertheless select nations that may be safely accorded status as being effectively equivalent in worth.



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