Let me just pile on Steve Cohen (D, TN-0[9]) here.

As you probably know, Rep. Cohen responded to the President’s call for civility by calling the Republican party a bunch of Nazis.   Because that’s what he does; and I don’t really expect bigots like him to change.  Cohen is precisely the sort of person who can’t feel big until he’s made everybody around him small; and since people like that rarely have the ability to change things in any real capacity, Steve Cohen will be a bitter, spiteful man until the day he dies.


But I do have a request for TN-0[9] Democrats: can you please find a primary challenger for him that isn’t a racist himself or herself, this time around?  Your last two primaries have been the political equivalent of the Iran-Iraq war: the most moral option in both was to root for injuries.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS What  you said about Max Schmeling was a lie, Representative Cohen.  He was never a Nazi and he personally rescued two Jewish children during Kristallnacht.

Sorry: I don’t know why that set me off and other, more immediately obnoxious comments don’t.  Probably because Schmeling was what my dad called a stand-up guy when it came to helping Joe Louis out.

PPS: He clearly made me so angry that I got the district wrong. TN-09, not TN-08.


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