John Callahan (D CAND, PA-15) coverup?

Callahan is running against Charlie Dent, in one of the seven races where the idea of a Democratic upset is not automatically a cause for derisive laughter (note that I’m not extending that to Cook’s eleven Likely Republican Republican-held seats). Callahan’s nonetheless probably doomed anyway (this is a bad year to be a Democratic challenger), but before he goes away it’d be great if this got explained:


When a Bethlehem police officer is hospitalized in the line of duty, and by a car driving too fast and in the wrong direction on a one-way road, that’s news. Especially when the driver just happens to be Dino Cantelmi, the Mayor’s brother-in-law. Amazingly, there never was any account of this incident in either The Morning Call or Express Times. One former reporter tells me one newspaper might miss a story like this, but not both. He questioned whether this incident was ever included in the police blotter for that day.

The mayor being Bethlehem Mayor John Callahan, of course. If you read the story, it has been conceded by all parties that drinking was involved; but apparently only a on-the-spot field breathalyzer test was deemed necessary to clear the driver, who, again, is the brother-in-law of the mayor of Bethlehem, who is now running for Congress. Any particular reason why the city never followed up on a possibly-booze related accident that injured one of its police officers, and is apparently now stonewalling reporters on it?


What? This is a local matter, and thus no big deal? Yeah, well, that’s what they said about Bill Delahunt and the Amy Bishop cover up.

“Who?” Precisely.

Moe Lane

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