Clever Rubio/Maddow ad.

Background: Marco Rubio released an ad last week – one that was pretty clever in and of itself, and possibly even ‘cheeky’ – taking advantage of Rachel Maddow being… well, Rachel Maddow (and including a cheerful invitation for people who disagreed with Rubio’s tax relief views to watch Maddow, instead). Ms. Maddow responded by giving Marco some more campaign ad fodder:


Way to make Marco’s argument for him, there: as Ed Morrissey noted, “Who knew Rachel Maddow was a Tea Partier?” – Because, really, Crist’s embrace of the current administration is doing Florida absolutely no favors.

Marco Rubio for Senate.

Moe Lane

PS: If you’re wondering why nobody ever seems to use Keith Olbermann in campaign ads, it’s largely because he can’t even say ‘Good morning’ in under a minute and a half. Inferiority complex from his cow college diploma, you understand.

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