BREAKING: Arrest made in NYC terrorism case.

A fellow by the name of Shahzad Faisal.

Police have arrested a Connecticut man in connection with the attempted car bombing of a busy Times Square street Saturday night, NBC is reporting. Shahzad Faisal, of Connecticut, was arrested within on Long Island within the last hour.


Associated Press, quoting two law enforcement officials, reported that he is the man who purchased the SUV involved in the attempted bombing.


@andylevy reports that there will be a DoJ press conference at 1 AM.

The implications of this – now that we’ve determined that the terrorist was not a domestic right-wing militia type against imposing carbon neutral insurance mandates on illegal immigrant stimulus project workers, or whatever the heck the Usual Suspects were guessing today – can wait for the morning, but I’d like to get this on the record: Mr. President, when it comes to successful counter-terrorism methodologies, hope is not a plan. And we cannot be lucky all the time.

Moe Lane


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