'Stop F*****g Around': Even Delusional Rob Reiner Calls on Biden to Bow Out, in Classic Meathead Fashion

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You know it's getting really bad for Joe Biden when one of Hollywood's most bitter left-wingers calls on him to drop out of the presidential race — albeit in a manner you'd totally expect.


"It's time to stop f*****g around," posted Rob Reiner to X to lead off his delusional statement.

In what would have been a shocking announcement less than two weeks ago, Reiner, one of Biden's most loyal Hollywood backers, finally threw in the towel on the embattled president Sunday. 

Warning: language

It’s time to stop f*****g around. If the Convicted Felon wins, we lose our Democracy. Joe Biden has effectively served US with honor, decency, and dignity. It’s time for Joe Biden to step down.

Even in the aftermath of Biden’s disastrous debate performance, Reiner — who will forever be Meathead to some of us — was still hosting Hollywood fundraisers.

Reiner's shocking change of heart is in stark contrast with his 2022 declaration that Biden was the best president since Lyndon B. Johnson.

Then again, if LBJ is your benchmark, I suppose Reiner's then-pronouncement wasn't much of a stretch — for a left-wing Democrat. 

As reported by Breitbart News, Reiner "threw a temper tantrum at a watch party for the live CNN debate, reportedly screaming as Biden froze up a number of times and had difficulty completing sentences."


Yet, Reiner still wasn't ready to throw Biden under the bus.

Last night’s debate was a disaster for President Biden. But the choice is still crystal clear: We either can choose a good decent man who cares about his fellow citizens and knows how to govern, or a Convicted Felon who will destroy our Democracy. Not a tough choice.

So what's happened in the meantime, Meathead? 

The question is rhetorical, of course: Biden has continued to demonstrate his steadily declining cognitive capacity.

Finally, here are just two of Reiner's recent "greatest hits":

Rob Reiner’s Anti-Christian Propaganda Film Bombs at the Box Office

Reiner's "documentary," in which he professed to expose the threat of so-called "Christian nationalism," was a box office bomb.

The film described itself as follows: 

GOD & COUNTRY looks at the implications of Christian Nationalism and how it distorts not only our constitutional republic, but Christianity itself. Featuring prominent Christian thought leaders, GOD & COUNTRY asks this question: What happens when a faith built on love, sacrifice, and forgiveness grows political tentacles, conflating power, money, and belief into hyper-nationalism?


Sticking with the Christian-bashing theme, Reiner declared conservative Christians to be antithetical to the teachings of Jesus. 

The Christian nationalist movement … it says that it’s my way or the highway and will resort to violence if we don’t get our way, which is what we saw happening on January 6.

This movement that they have here seems completely antithetical to the teachings of Jesus. Jesus was about peace and love and helping thy neighbor and those less fortunate than ourselves. And I thought that was something that we should all aspire to. So to me, this movement is going totally opposite the teachings of Jesus.

The question is, Meathead, how much "peace and love" are you about?

Deluded Rob Reiner Absurdly Blasts Conservative Christians
As 'Antithetical to the Teachings of Jesus'

Anyway, whether via intensive therapy or by sheer willpower, let's hope Rob Meathead Reiner fully recovers from his latest traumatic hissy fit. 


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