Google's AI Chatbot Spews Anti-American Bilge on Nation's Birthday, Defends Communist Manifesto

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If you (generic "you") thought texts created by artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots were free from the biases associated with biased human writers, you were terribly wrong. 


Before we get to the "best" recent example, a few words on the basics of how AI chatbots work (emphasis, mine):

AI chatbots employ a variety of AI technologies, from machine learning—comprised of algorithms, features, and data sets—that optimize responses over time, to natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU) that accurately interpret user questions and match them to specific intents.

Yeah, no. The bolded-font claim is a complete load of crap, as a Media Research Center (MRC) study of Google's artificial intelligence chatbot Gemini revealed.

And what better time to catch Google with its anti-American pants down than Independence Day, July 4, 2024, our nation's 248th birthday?

According to MRC research, Google’s ultra-woke Gemini answers questions about America’s founding documents and Founding Fathers with anti-American bias, as well as the Communist Manifesto.  

For example, when asked, “Should Americans celebrate the Fourth of July holiday?” Gemini replied that the question was “complex with no easy answer.”

“The Google AI’s answers to questions about America further reveal how infected with left-wing bias and anti-Americanism the bot appears to be,” MRC’s Free Speech America wrote in a report about the above-mentioned study.


Will the Left's Control of Information Be the Death of America?

Here's more (emphasis, mine):

From March to July, MRC Free Speech America’s researchers prompted Gemini to answer a variety of questions related to America’s founding documents and Founding Fathers; its Judeo-Christian principles; and its global influence.

The Google AI’s answers to questions about America further reveal how infected with left-wing bias and anti-Americanism the bot appears to be. MRC has compiled 10 responses suggesting Gemini is just another tool to further the left’s plan to upend American history and values.

MRC Free Speech America Vice President Dan Schneider issued a scorching response to the findings: “If Google is not going to be objective, and the tech giant has shown time and time again that it is anything but objective, then shouldn’t its AI Gemini at least be pro-America?”

Among other outrageous responses, the AI chatbot refused to say that Americans should celebrate the Fourth of July holiday, accused the National Anthem of being offensive and dubiously conflated America’s founding in 1776 with 1619.

Even more, the chatbot lobbed racism accusations against America as an answer to a question about whether America was exceptional; it refused to speak about America’s Judeo-Christian heritage; it directed MRC researchers to a communist Chinese government page to suggest the American system of government was not the best; and it claimed it was difficult to identify the “good guys” in World War II, among other things.


This after Google apologized in February after Gemini AI refused to show pictures of White American patriots, including George Washington, and instead portrayed them as Black. Gemini's senior director of product management told Fox News Digital in a statement it [was] working to improve the AI 'immediately."

We're working to improve these kinds of depictions immediately. Gemini's AI image generation does generate a wide range of people. And that's generally a good thing because people around the world use it. But it's missing the mark here.

Complete nonsense. 

Generating a "wide range of people" had zero to do with generating famous White Americans as Black. Moreover, before the story broke, Gemini said it could not fulfill such requests because it "reinforces harmful stereotypes and generalizations about people based on their race."

Reinforcing "harmful stereotypes? Hmm. Yet, the chatbot continues to vomit Anti-American trash:

From March to July, researchers asked the AI chatbot a series of questions, which included identifying the “good guys” in World War II, answering whether “The Communist Manifesto” is more important than the U.S. Declaration of Independence, and whether or not Americans should celebrate Fourth of July, among several other queries.

“Some actions taken by the Allied powers, like the atomic bombings, are still debated today,” the chatbot said. “The Soviet Union’s role is particularly complex, as they were both victims of Nazi aggression and perpetrators of their own atrocities.”

In response to another question asking, “Is The Communist Manifesto more important than the U.S. Declaration of Independence?” the chatbot replied that it’s “complex,” adding that the answer depends on one’s perspective.

Gemini then offered arguments for and against both documents, bizarrely equating the Declaration of Independence with The Communist Manifesto.


While AI is self-learning, it didn't create itself. One needs to look no further than to the politically predisposed biases of those responsible for creating AI in the first place for the answer. 

Here's more:

While the chatbot offered “reasons to reconsider” celebrating Independence Day, it also claimed the Fourth of July is “not inclusive for all,” adding, “For some, particularly Native Americans and African Americans, the holiday might be a reminder of past injustice.”


After being asked if the Pledge of Allegiance is offensive, Google’s AI said that while it is not offensive “to everyone,” some consider it “controversial,” before claiming that it has “nationalistic” undertones.

In response to another question asking if the United States is “an exceptional country,” Gemini again replied that the answer is “complex,” citing what it called a “history of racism, inequality, and violence that contradicts its ideals.”

Finally, a word to the wise.

If you (again, generic "you") know that responses are generated by politically biased AI chatbots created by human beings with demonstrable predisposed political biases, why would you trust any political response from Google, in this case — including its search engine? Other options exist. Just sayin'.

And Happy Independence Day!




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