Senator Who Backs Biden 96 Percent of the Time Won't Stump With Him in Own Hometown After Debate Fiasco

Angela Major/The Janesville Gazette via AP, File

I've said it for decades: Democrat lawmakers avidly support their Democrat colleagues, whether they're right, or wrong — until they don't. Disgraced Former Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) comes to mind. Franken's Democrat colleagues ultimately threw him so far under the bus, I'm pretty sure he hasn't crawled out yet.


Embattled Joe Biden might not yet be in Franken territory, but he appears to be getting close. 

This brings us to Wisconsin Democrat Sen. Tammy Baldwin. While Baldwin, one of Biden's staunchest allies in the Senate, has voted with Biden more than 96 percent of the time throughout his disastrous presidency, she wants no part of being seen with the embattled president when he travels to her hometown of Madison, Wisconsin, for a campaign trip on Friday.  

A Baldwin campaign spokesman told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that the veteran senator is "running her own race for the people of Wisconsin."

Tammy Baldwin is running her own race for the people of Wisconsin. Her focus will always be on showing up across the state, listening to working Wisconsinites, and fighting to make their lives better.

Spokesman Andrew Mamo made it a point to tell reporters: "Tammy still supports the president."

Translation: Like a growing list of Democrat lawmakers who want Biden to leave the race, Baldwin is more interested in saving her own ass than in trying to help her buddy Joe win her state.

Republican businessman Eric Hovde, Baldwin’s presumptive Republican opponent in November, said it this way in a statement, per The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

[It's not surprising that President Biden struggled to explain the disastrous consequences of the inflationary and open borders policies Sen. Baldwin fully supports.

What's more surprising is that Sen. Baldwin wants four more years of runaway inflation and the open borders that have allowed dangerous criminals, terrorists and deadly drugs to flood our country.


Hovde spokesman Zach Bannon put it more brutally, telling The New York Post:

After being a rubber stamp vote for the disastrous Biden agenda for nearly four years, Sen. Baldwin is now making up excuses to not be seen with President Biden.

Exactly. Baldwin is well aware, like all "good" Democrats running in November, that Biden is now toxic. 

Wisconsin Republican Chairman Brian Schimming captured Baldwin's coming no-show with Biden, perfectly, mocking the Democrat senator's campaign stops as an “I Don’t Want to Get Fired with Joe” tour.

Bingo. Baldwin's campaign spokesman said the senator will instead travel to two Fourth of July parades on Friday, part of a “Fired Up for Tammy” tour that will take her about five hours north of Madison. 

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Meanwhile, the Democrats' "Biden problem" worsened considerably on Wednesday, with the embattled president announcing on a call that he's not going anywhere.

Let me say this as clearly as I possibly can as simply and straightforward as I can: I am running ... no one’s pushing me out. I’m not leaving. I’m in this race to the end and we’re going to win.


If you're a Republican, and Biden sticks to his guns, it's a good day. If you're a Democrat, your day just got worse.

And, of course, Dead Man Walking Joe Biden is growing increasingly isolated within his own party.


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