'One-Trick Pony' Biden Blames Trump for Everything, Accepts Responsibility for Nothing

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Weak men view taking responsibility as weak. Worse, they view accepting blame as even weaker. In contrast, strong men view taking responsibility and accepting blame as a strength. It's called character. 


Embattled Joe Biden is a weak, insecure man who doesn't have a lick of character in his body. In the world of "Joey from Scranton," the buck stops with everyone else. And if your name happens to be Donald Trump, Joey doesn't need to look any further than you to pass his buck, which he does without conscience.

Biden's multiple failures, at least several of which he intentionally created, have been well-documented. Yet, in virtually every case, he has cowardly and desperately tried to blame Trump. 

The Biden Border Crisis

I've said it before and I'm going to say it again: During the 2020 presidential campaign, Biden all but promised to import as many illegal aliens into America as he could get away, with welcoming mariachi bands and piñatas full of candy for the kiddos. That's exactly what he did and continues to do.

Biden rolled back Trump’s successful border policies — among them, "Remain in Mexico" — saying they had “an incredibly negative impact on the law, international law, as well as on human dignity.” Since then, more than 11 million illegal aliens — not counting unknown numbers of "gotaways" —have entered the country with no end in sight. Yet, incredibly, who has Biden absurdly tried to blame? Donald Trump and congressional Republicans.


Biden and his equally dishonest, equally serial-lying Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas steadfastly claimed for months that the president lacked the authority to put an end to the border crisis that he alone created without congressional legislation. Then, miraculously, Biden signed an executive order to allegedly stop the never-ending surge. Why? Because, with the presidential election less than five months away, Team Biden is terrified and pulling out all of the stops, with only the ballot box in mind.

Just one problem. The ruse only further empowered Mayorkas to call the shots, and nothing changed. 

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The dirty little non-secret secret? Biden and Mayorkas had zero intention of stopping the surge; their only objective was to convince low-information voters that they were going to do so. 

Disastrous 'Bidenomics'

Team Biden rushed to declare their self-labeled "Bidenomics" as the be-all and end-all of miraculous economic recovery, coming off the heels of the draconian COVID-19 "pandemic" shutdown that should never have been unleashed on this country. 

Again, just one problem.


Record-high prices at the pump, never-ending increases in grocery prices, and a continual overall increase in everything from consumer goods in general to building materials and the price of homes led the administration to abandon the embarrassing term. Biden also flat-out lied about the inflation rate when he took office, claiming it was nine percent when in reality it was just 1.4 percent. 

Yet, to buck-passing Joe, lies are always preferable to inconvenient truths.

The First Bottom Line Is This

The worst president in the history of the United States has zero accomplishments on which to run for reelection. If I'm wrong, please tell me what I'm missing. (You can't.) Therefore, Biden has reduced himself to attacking Trump and doing so with a level of personal destruction previously unseen in a presidential campaign in at least modern history.

Hence, Biden's Debate Plan of Attack

According to a memo obtained by NBC News, the Biden campaign's goal is to emphasize the June 27 presidential debate as “two distinct visions for the future," which suggests continued fearmongering by Biden about the existential threat to democracy in America — and then some — if Trump regains the presidency.

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"Let’s get to the message of the campaign,” Biden told a small crowd of 100 who had gathered in a sprawling lakeside mansion. Reading from a teleprompter, the marginally coherent president declared Trump is now a greater threat to the country than when he was in office. 

So expect Biden, jacked-up on whatever it is that they give him, to intensify his attack on Trump during the Thursday debate, declaring everything from the end of "women's rights" to the end of democracy and perhaps to the end of elections themselves, if Trump wins. 

The Bottom Line

Notice what's missing? A single claim of an accomplishment of Joe Biden's miserable presidency. Oh, Joe will lie about his "accomplishments" that never happened, of course — between foolishly and desperately attempting to paint Donald Trump as the Devil's spawn, that is.



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