'He's Just Lowering Expectations': Biden's 'Nice Old Man Act' Is Helping Him Destroy America

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It's another Monday morning, following another weekend during which embattled Joe Biden put on another display of what appeared to be the current state of his rapidly declining cognitive capacity.


And as is always the case, the media — not including the anything-but-mainstream media — predictably jumped all over Joe's latest vacant freeze like a chicken on a June bug.

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Don't get me wrong, here. Media outlets — including RedState — have to report this stuff. I mean, it's the president of the United States, for heaven's sake, freezing, at any moment, in full-brain vapor lock (I made that up, to make the point), shaking hands with the air after finishing incoherent remarks, or wandering around on the stage in befuddlement after he's finished making a fool out of himself. Who doesn't want to see that?

But, here's the thing, as well. 

Do we also play into Biden's hand by continually highlighting his mental decline at every opportunity? Do we continue to fall for Biden's "nice old man act," as conservative columnist Miranda Devine asserts? 

As Devine sees it, by doing so, we're "just lowering expectations" and "engendering sympathy" for a man who, puppeted by far-left handlers, continues to wreak havoc on the America we've known since we can remember.

Republicans should not fall into the trap of emphasizing Biden’s increasing befuddlement, as viral as such moments are to a world astonished that America now resembles the end stages of Soviet decrepitude. 

The strategy risks engendering sympathy for a man who deserves none and lets him off the hook for all the damage he has wrought on this country.

It also plays into Biden’s superpower: being underestimated. He might act like a doddering incompetent, look like a wax effigy and walk like a robot, but the president has the uncanny ability to exceed all expectations when it counts, politically.


"Whatever magic tricks are involved in his debate prep," Devine continued, "you know it will be a different Joe Biden at the podium June 27 than the one we’ve seen wandering around Europe like a defective Roomba."

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To Devine's point, normally befuddled Joe will no doubt be jacked up for the June 27 debate with Trump on whatever medication(s) his handlers use to jack him up when jacking him up is necessary.

Devine's salient point is this:

[Biden] keeps passing the tests set for him by doubters in his party who are worried that most voters think he’s too old — a polite euphemism for his cognitive fitness more than a judgment on his numerical age of 81, which is not much more than Donald Trump, who just turned 78, but has seemingly boundless energy. 

She quoted a "typical" observation from CNN:

Biden projects a vision of strength. He projects vigor and forcefulness. His voice is resonant. He [is] quick off the mark ... a trenchant master of the chamber.

Oh, please.

Yes, the honest among us know the above "observation" (fabrication") from lapdog CNN is a complete crock of crap. But guess what? It doesn't matter. By obsessively treating Biden's every cognitive misstep as a major news event, it is reasonable to assume that, as Devine asserts, we provide both the embattled president and the sock-puppet media with opportunity after opportunity to defend him — to an audience who wants him defended.


More importantly, their target audience consists largely of low-information, rank-and-file Democrat voters who want to believe them; who look for every reason to believe themwho think conservative media is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Devil's spawn, Donald Trump.

Agree or not, Devine makes a good argument. An argument that will be largely ignored.

Then again, we can't help it.



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