Wait, Huh? Sports Bar Exclusively Dedicated to Women's Sports Celebrates Boy's Win in Girls' Race

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A sports bar in Portland, Oregon (of course it's in Portland, Oregon) called "The Sports Bra" promotes itself as "The sports bar that’s 100 percent dedicated to women’s sports." 

Just one problem. As far as I can tell, anyway.

The bar posted a slobbery congratulatory post honor to a so-called "transgender" athlete (a boy) after "she" won an Oregon high school state championship race in the girls' division on May 18. 

The gushy post read, in part: 

To Aayden, her loving family, friends and to all trans athletes everywhere… WE SUPPORT YOU!!

Check out how "Aayden" ("she") towers over "her" competitors. 

The post couldn't have been more gushy— and political (emphasis, mine).


Huge congratulations to Aayden on your 1st and 2nd place finishes at State!!!🥇🥈🏃🏽‍♀️💨

Aayden (she/her) is a local trans girl athlete and has been facing hateful backlash, harassment, the politicizing of her passion for participating in sports and was most recently booed and had protesters show up at her track meet last week while she was racing and on the podium.

While no athlete participating in a sporting event should be harassed to the point of endangerment, it's understandable that female athletes and their supporters are increasingly angered by boys pretending to be girls competing in women's sports against girls who have likely trained for years to reach a high level of competitiveness — only to have the hell beat out of them by a "trans" boy.

The bar continued to politicize the story.

Her mom reached out to us via Instagram to find a safe space and community who would not only welcome and embrace her daughter for who she is but to CELEBRATE her for being an incredible athlete and winning in the face of all of the backlash and challenges!


What challenges are faced by competitive female athletes who are forced to compete against much larger and stronger males? And why should male athletes pretending to be females be celebrated? By whom? Other than the hypocritical left— who ridiculously claims to be "the champion of women's rights?" that is.

The bar's unrestrained slobbering went into hyperdrive at the end. 

Of course we said YES, we’re more than thrilled to host a local track star and celebrate!!🥳🙌🏼✨ Everyone deserves to be their true selves AND to play sports!!!

Please share only LOVE in the comments below and show them the support we all have as one Bra family!

To Aayden, her loving family, friends and to all trans athletes everywhere… WE SUPPORT YOU!!🏳️‍⚧️🏼🥳

Nauseating? You make the call.

While the post originally allowed comments, the capability has since been deactivated.

Incidentally, Aayden isn't the Lone Ranger concerning the controversial issue. As RedSate reported in February, former college swimmer Riley Gaines was assaulted by angry transgender activists in April of 2023 after delivering a speech at San Francisco State University. She was briefly held hostage.

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Not to be deterred, Gaines posted on X about Aayden Gallagher's win.

Another proud moment for women's sports! Aayden Gallagher (male) just placed 1st in the Oregon state championship in the women's 200m after placing 2nd in the 400m. Just listen to the audible BOOS. People are over this...& it's about time.


The Bottom Line

The hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds, including "The Sports Bra" in Portland, Oregon.


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