GOP Rep Calls for Impeachment Inquiry After Biden Energy Secretary Granholm Lies Under Oath

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Before we begin, I gotta first get this off my chest. 

Other than Hillary Clinton, Biden Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm is the most smugly arrogant political hack in the country. And, yes — I'm aware that the Democrat bench in that department is deep.


OK, I feel better — for now.

Our story begins with Granholm in April testifying under congressional oath that she didn't own any individual securities — stocks, that is. But in June, Granholm admitted in a letter to lawmakers that she had, in fact, falsely testified under oath.

Nancy Pelosi was unavailable for comment.

Here's more:

While Granholm divested from a variety of stocks in 2021, she acknowledged in the letter — which was sent to Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee leadership — that she maintained shares of six companies worth up to $120,000. On April 20, however, Granholm testified in response to a question from Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., that she had sold all of her shares of individual companies.

In addition, Granholm said she discovered on May 13 that her husband Daniel Mulhern owned $2,457.89 worth of shares in Ford Motor Company. Those shares were then sold on May 15, a Monday, when the stock market opened.

Oops — or intentional deception. I mean, c'mon. "Discovered?"

In Granholm's aforementioned letter, she spewed the predictable bilge that people say when they get busted.

As a public servant, I take very seriously the commitment to hold myself to the highest ethical standards, and I regret the accidental omission of my spouse’s interest in Ford. This is a commitment I made to you, the President, and most importantly the American people.


Uh-huh. Nancy Pelosi was again unavailable for comment.

Among those who aren't buying Granholm's mea culpa is New York Republican Rep. Claudia Tenney, who on Thursday called for Congress to launch an impeachment inquiry into Granholm's false testimony about her family's stock ownership.

Since taking office in January of 2021, Secretary Granholm has violated the Hatch Act multiple times. She owned Proterra stock while her boss, President Biden, repeatedly promoted the company. Her husband owned Ford stock while she personally promoted the companies’ work with official resources.

Did I mention that Nancy Pelosi was unavailable for comment? 

Tenney continued to rip Granholm to shreds — correctly so.

And most critically, she lied, under oath, to Congress, claiming that [she] did not own any individual stocks when in fact she did. If anyone would like to dispute these charges, all the evidence you [Congress] need is in the articles I submitted into [sic] the record.

In addition to Tenney accusing Granholm of choosing to "ignore the rules and lied to Congress under oath," the congresswoman cited the Department of Energy's ethics guidelines, which state that "public service is a public trust; employees must place loyalty to the Constitution, the laws, and ethical principles above private gain."


OK, I'll stop the Pelosi reference, but yeah.  

Tenney then asked a perfectly logical question

That's perjury, period. Why should you not resign or why should we not consider some kind of impeachment inquiry into you for your perjury charges?

With respect to that question, Joe Biden was unavailable for comment.

The Bottom Line

There is no political party on the planet that more embraces — again, arrogantly so — the "Good for me, but not for thee" philosophy than the American Democrat Party. 

From Hunter Biden's sordid life and business dealings — think, for a nanosecond, the histrionic meltdowns on the left if Donald Trump Jr. would've committed a tenth of the crackhead's transgressions — to Joe Biden being eyeball-deep in the Biden Family Business scandal — think, Donald Trump doing anything even close — the Democrat Party has zero shame.

Even worse, they don't give a damn if you like it or not.



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