'Tired of Supporting Companies With a Woke Agenda?' Conservative Alternative to Amazon to Go Public

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As AB InBev continues to take it in the financial shorts over Bud Light‘s idiotically ill-advised hook-up with pretend teenage girl Dylan Mulvaney, and with Target still reeling from partnering with a satanist on its latest “Pride” line for the kiddies, a conservative alternative to Amazon plans to go public in late July.


PublcSq., currently a closely-held corporation, has set a target date for its initial public offering (IPO) on July 20. While Amazon has revolutionized shopping in the U.S., PublicSq. markets itself as “America’s Marketplace” where consumers can “shop your values, locally and online.”

America’s Marketplace

Join over a million freedom-loving Americans in shopping for quality products, services, and exclusive discounts from values-aligned businesses.

Tired of supporting companies with a woke agenda? PublicSq. does the vetting for you so you can be more intentional with your spending without compromising on quality.

Join the movement today!

The company pledges: “Small businesses you can trust. Make the switch to values-aligned businesses for everything from daily essentials to great restaurants near you.” As part of PublicSq.’s core values, which include “Pro-Life, Pro-Family, [and] Pro-Freedom,” the company further commits:

We are united in our commitment to freedom and truth — that’s what makes us Americans.

We will always protect the family unit and celebrate the sanctity of every life.

We believe small businesses and the communities who support them are the backbone of our economy.

We believe in the greatness of this Nation and will always fight to defend it.

Our mission guides everything we do,” the would-be Amazon alternative declares.

Our Constitution is non-negotiable — government isn’t the source of our rights, so it can’t take them away.


Admirable goals and commitment. Perfect timing. Tough mountain to climb. But as more and more U.S. corporations continue to come out of the woke closet, who knows? That said, reality is reality.

Amazon sits at a $1.32 trillion market capitalization value as I write, with posted 2022 revenue of $514 billion, which placed it second to Walmart, which generated $611 billion.

But here’s the thing:

It’s safe to say that PublicSq. has no visions of grandeur with respect to consumers “Bud-Lighting” Amazon big-time, but what the company clearly does plan to do is offer a values-based alternative to millions of Americans disgusted by pandering corporations that prostrate themselves before the woke altar.

From irreversible mutilation of children — under the guise of “gender-affirming care”— to biological males beating the hell out of females in women’s sports categories to Marxist-derived “Critical Race Theory,” Black Lives Matter, and other radical initiatives, millions of decent, God-fearing Americans are sick to death of having “all of the above” constantly shoved down their throats.

To that end, CEO Michael Seifert on Monday told Just the News:

We’re actually taking the company public on July 20, after a shareholder vote from a SPAC that we’re partnered with … And then there’ll be a great opportunity for this company to be owned by the very consumers and businesses that have helped to build it.

Capital markets are in desperate need of democratization because unfortunately, the capital markets have been robbed by ESG-mandated funds and DEI philosophies. And just like there’s a drive for consumers to spend their money in alignment with their values, there’s also an equally strong drive for investors to invest their money with companies that do not hate them, and actually want to promote America. So that’s what we’re here to do.



Let’s be honest. Most of us have likely shopped on Amazon.com, and many of us have Amazon Prime accounts — yes, I’m guilty as charged — but doggone it, it’s easy, and the prices are generally more competitive than alternatives. Hypocrisy? Perhaps. Then again, what alternatives are there? In terms of the stated values and mission of PublicSq., I mean?

(Target and Walmart were unavailable for comment.)

The Bottom Line

I plan to give PublicSq. a shot, given the woke insanity continuing to engulf corporate America. Maybe you should, as well.


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