WATCH: Race Hustler Elie Mystal Calls Clarence Thomas a 'Mutilated Version of a Black Justice' as Joy Reid Laughs

Elie Mystal calls Clarence Thomas a "mutilated version of a black justice." (Credit: MRCTV)

Question: What do you get when put The Nation’s justice correspondent Elie Mystal together with MSNBC host Joy Reid? Answer: A race hustler’s dream come true. The rest of us might call it Democrat racism on steroids; black liberals’ attacks against black conservatives are among the most brutal of all.


Reid, every bit the agitator extraordinaire as Mystal, trotted out the “justice correspondent” on Friday’s race-baiting episode of The ReidOut to decry the Supreme Court’s Thursday-Friday finale, which included the long-overdue downfall of affirmative action. But Mystal being Mystal, his comments quickly degenerated into an attack against Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, who Mystal not only called a “mutilated version of a black justice but also suggested Thomas is his white wife’s puppet.

Did I mention that Reid smirked and laughed as Mystal spewed his racist bilge?

In reference to the court’s conservative-majority decision in the Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard case, Reid kicked off the festivities:

[Y]ou’re a lawyer. In his concurrence, [Thomas] claims the that Freedmen’s Bureau Act, which created the Freedmen’s Bureau, you know, that was supposed to rematriculate former [sic] enslaved people, who all of whom, 100 percent of whom were black, back into society, he said oh, that was a colorblind statute. How could the Freedmen’s Bureau, Elie Mystal, be a colorblind statute? Make that make sense.

Stop the tape. That wasn’t what Justice Thomas said. What he did say was (emphasis, mine):

Importantly, however, the Acts applied to freedmen (and refugees), a formally race-neutral category, not blacks writ large.

No matter. Mystal was only interested in smearing Thomas:

It’s color-blind if you’re like Clarence Thomas and your whole ideological perspective involves gouging out your own eyes. Like— and that’s what Thomas is. Like he is such a mutilated version of a black justice that he is able to make these proclamations that, well, just fly in the face of law and facts, right?


I’m going to go out on a very safe limb and guess two things. First, Justice Thomas knows at least as much about blind justice and the U.S. Constitution as does Elie Mystal. Second, Mystal and Reid are incapable of color blindness, much less blind justice. Like all racists, baiters only see the world through the filter of skin color.

Mystal then took his final shot at Thomas with all the condescension he could muster (emphasis, mine):

So this is the history that Clarence Thomas ignores, and that’s why he’s so — and that’s why he’s so fabulist about all of the stuff that’s in his concurrence. He just— he’s just, like, plucked out his own eyes and he doesn’t want to see anything that Ms. Ginni tells him he shouldn’t be able to see. That’s where he is in his head space right now.

The irony is neither Elie Mystal nor Joy Reid could carry Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas’s colorblind jockstrap. [Sarc, of course— barely.]


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