WATCH: George Conway Slithers Onto MSNBC Set to Predict Trump's Fate

Lincoln Project co-founder George Conway predicts Donald Trump's legal fate. (Credit: RealClearPolitics/MSNBC)

If this isn’t a perfect melding of minds on Planet Trump Derangement Syndrome, I’m not sure what is.

Lincoln Project co-founder George Conway hooked up with sniveling MSNBC host Chris Hayes on Monday’s episode of the woefully left-wing elitist “All In,” expressly for the purpose of blistering former president Donald Trump. Former Trump Senior Advisor Kellyanne Conway’s soon-to-be-ex-husband (who’s a major league dweeb) wasted little time as he predicted Trump will be convicted of obstruction of justice and sent to jail.


Come to think of it, Conway’s prediction wasn’t dissimilar to a mirror image from one of Trump’s post-2020 election wingnut lawyers, Lin Wood, who ridiculously predicted Mike Pence would be arrested for treason and executed by firing squad for refusing to attempt an unconstitutional action, but I digress.

Incidentally, as I’ve previously written, there exist three types of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Type I afflicts virtually every Democrat in the country. (See: Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden), Type II afflicts Never-Trump, while Always-Trump is afflicted with Type III. I’m pretty sure you’re aware of the symptoms of each type.

Clearly, George Conway and like-minded Trump haters are riddled with TDS Type II. Here’s George:

His insane narcissism, and his belief that he controls everything — that Article II allowed him to do whatever he wants — and it is his generals across the river at the Pentagon, these were [in] his documents. I mean, this narcissism alone was sufficient for him to want to keep these documents. And then, of course, to show them off to people.

The obstruction charges are so strong. I mean, Ty Cobb, White House counsel who handled, in the Trump administration, handled the Mueller investigation, went on national television the other day and said Trump’s going to go to jail for this.

And he should, and he will. Because the obstruction case is just so strong as illustrated by the fact that they have all these lawyers’ notes and all these lawyers testified.


Conway alleged that Trump used his lawyers as “instruments to commit a crime or fraud.”

It’s bad enough that he told, you know, that he made his lawyers give false information to the government, and he used his lawyers as instruments to commit a crime or a fraud. That is one thing, it is sufficient to show probable cause to get a search warrant, which he got in August.

But to get lawyers testimony, judges don’t like to order that, because judges are lawyers. They were practicing lawyers. They respect the attorney-client privilege. And to pierce that privilege is something they don’t like to do. The fact, that Judge Howell here in the District of Columbia is doing it shows that the evidence is incredibly strong.

While Conway clearly suffers from Stage 4 TDS Type II, if his allegations are factual, the objective among us should be able to separate his clown show from the facts. In my not-so-humble opinion, of course.

You can watch the segment by clicking on the link in the below tweet.

Incidentally, Trump in 2019 called Conway “the husband from hell.” The Conways announced in March that they were divorcing after 22 years of marriage.


The Bottom Line

Whether or not George Conway’s predictions come to pass, Trump Derangement Syndrome appears to be a debilitating mental affliction. Far as I can tell, there’s apparently no treatment, let alone a cure.


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