Mayorkas Feigns Ignorance in Response to Question About Reason for Latest Border Surge

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In this episode of Serial Liar Alejandro Mayorkas and the Serial Liar Lies He Tells… 

RedState has extensively covered the multitudinous lies of Alejandro Mayorkas since he first became Joe Biden’s Homeland Security secretary. While Mayorkas’ lies are usually related to the pretend “secure” Southern Border and pretend “operational control,” his latest lie was perhaps the most absurd, yet.


Fasten your seatbelts, gang — the show’s about to begin.

With Title 42 set to expire on Wednesday (May 11), and untold thousands of illegal aliens from Central America and beyond surging at the border in great anticipation, Mayorkas held a press briefing at the border on Friday — during which he “shockingly” continually lied himself silly.

To be sure, Mayorkas told whopper after whopper and then came the following question from a reporter:

Can you explain why you’ve seen this big surge [of illegals] in the last couple of weeks?

Of course, Mayorkas could’ve explained the surge, with honesty and in great detail, but instead told his most preposterous lie to date — in just seven words:

It’s very difficult to identify the cause.

Uh-huh. Unless Mayorkas meant it’s very difficult for him — personally — to explain the monstrous surge with an honest answer because he would thus admit he’s lied from the outset, and “good” Democrats never admit their lies.

Here’s a bit of background, via Breitbart:

Mayorkas’ claimed ignorance even though his agency has a 2023 budget of $175 billion. He works with intelligence and police agencies in the world’s superpower and is free to read the explanation … by U.S. and foreign governments, media, academics, and businesses.

Mayorkas’ migration has killed at least 1,000 migrants and has imposed vast civic and economic burdens on Americans and their local governments. Those Mayorkas-imposed burdens include lower living standards, more civic chaos, and a tougher future for American kids.

Mayorkas frequently deflects questions about his pro-migration policies by claiming “fundamentally, we are working within a broken immigration system.”


And just like that, here’s Mayorkas spewing more bilge:

You know the challenge of migration is in one aspect, its dynamism. It is a very complex phenomenon. We saw the tragic fire in the city of Juarez in Mexico and the impact domestically within Mexico. And since then we saw, over the past two weeks, a significant surge of Venezuelans.

We are — we have —reached an agreement with the government of Mexico to address that surge and we’re going to see the results of that agreement very shortly.

A “very complex phenomenon”? Yeah, no — that’s a complete crock of crap, Mr. Secretary. Joe Biden advertised his intent to throw open the Southern Border if he became president throughout his 2020 basement campaign. And, P.S.: As to the fire in Juarez, while tragic, why should a fire in another country necessarily lead to even more illegal aliens streaming into the United States? Please.

The Bottom Line

Even as the eventual Biden Border Crisis™ worsened, with no end in sight, the worst president in American history fought to end Title 42 as hard as his feeble mind could fight (carry the message of his handlers). And now, with the Trump presidency order expiring on Wednesday, Mayorkas has the audacity to say — with a straight face — that the coming record surge across the border is “very difficult” to explain.

While I’m not one who rushes to declare “Treason!” and “Throw him in jail!”, I’m all in for bringing this lying liar to justice for his willful participation in the clear and present danger intentionally visited on this country and its citizenry by the Biden Administration.


Oh, and throw away the key.

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