WATCH: Alejandro Mayorkas and Chris Coons in Photo Finish for Lying Democrat of the Week

Democratic National Convention via AP

As I settled into my draftsman-style swivel chair behind my desk at Command Central, safely hidden in an unsuspicious wooded suburb of Indianapolis, I was faced with a quandary soon after I began to search for a suitable subject for an op-ed, the basis of which I already had in mind: the Lying Democrat of the Week.


Picking a Lying Democrat of the Week is never an easy task, as one might expect, given the breadth of the field and the depth of the bench. Anyway, this time I decided to exclude Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Karine Jean-Pierre, due to the fact that when their lips are moving, chances are they’re lying.

Finally, unable to settle on just one lying Democrat, I decided on a photo-finish tie between two lying Democrats: Homeland Security head Alejandro Mayorkas and Delaware Sen. Chris Coons.

Listen, I already know what you’re thinking.

Like Biden, Harris, and KJP, Mayorkas also lies whenever his lips move, too. But here’s the deal: the DHS head’s lies are almost exclusively related to the pretend “secure” Southern Border, of which Mayorkas absurdly claims the DHS has “operational control.” But this time, he branched out into other subjects to lie about. And while Coons could’ve taken home the trophy unchallenged, Mayorkas’ lies on more than just the border deserved a shot at the title, as well. So let’s get to it.

Now that 80-year-old, mentally declining Biden has formally announced he will seek re-election, the Democrat Party has two major problems rolled into one — both of them urgent.

First problem: How to convince a majority of Americans that a president who even screws up questions he already knows are coming from reporters, regularly gets his ass kicked by his teleprompter, and can only “function” — quite a high bar for the presidency [sarc] — six hours a day, is all just fine.


Second problem: In the event that things don’t work out “just fine” for ol’ Joe, assuming he wins the 2024 election and then his health or mental acuity really goes south, the unthinkable would become reality: Kamala Harris would become president of the United States.

So naturally, desperate Democrats are doing their damnedest to convince voters of the ridiculous notion that Harris is qualified to be president — right now. 

That brings us to Sen. Coons and his Sunday interview on ABC’s “This Week,” in which claimed Harris is indeed presidential material:

“The vice president’s ready to run and ready to be president should that ever happen,” Coons said on ABC’s “This Week.” “I know our president has great confidence in her, and so do I.”

Yeah, no.

Let’s pretend Coons isn’t lying his ass off about his own “great confidence” in Harris, whose speeches are the weirdest, most incomprehensible stringing together of words and disjointed repetition of phrases I’ve ever heard.

But Biden? Does even Joe Biden have “great confidence” in Cackling Kamala’s capacity to perform the duties of the presidency of the United States?

Either Coons was lying or he’s been hitting Hunter Biden’s crack pipe a bit too hard.


As we reported in July 2022, “swirling rumors” of “Replace Harris” by some of Biden’s closest allies were running rampant, because, as anyone who paid attention could see, Harris had by then become an albatross around the neck of the equally-inept president. And as we reported in late March, two former White House officials said Biden was frustrated with Harris and her reluctance to take on tough or risky tasks. The list continues, but does any of this sound like “great confidence”? Please, Senator.

But, hey— much ado about nothing, voters of America, because Joe Biden is sharp as a tack, according to Alejandro Maryorkas in a Sunday interview on “Meet the Press.” Host Chuck Todd (“F. Chuck Todd,” to Rush Limbaugh) set the table for Mayorkas:

There’s [sic] a lot of questions about President Biden and his ability to serve in a second term. Face-to-face (with Biden) what, say you? Is he up for a second term?

Mayorkas leaned forward, visibly eager to answer the question — “almost” as if he knew it was coming. [winking emoji]

Oh, Chuck, 100% — incredibly sharp, incredibly probing, incredible command of the details. probing on the details, asking tough questions. Absolutely. I’m incredibly proud to serve in his administration. I am incredibly proud of the work that we have done, across the board.

Todd again asked the question and Mayorkas again replied: “100 percent.” Uh-uh, sure he is.


It’s fascinating to watch Mayorkas lie with such conviction. While he might not be a pathological liar like Biden, the ease and arrogance with which he lies about the Southern Border is incredible, particularly given the danger posed to millions of American citizens, intentionally, meaning the intentionally-created Biden Border Crisis.

Then again, considering those within an arm’s length of Joe Biden, who among them doesn’t lie with regularity?

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