Meanwhile, Restoring Sight to Blind People 'Reinforces Moral Superiority of Those Without Disabilities'

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If you’re going to continue reading, consider yourself forewarned: It gets far crazier than the headline suggests. Let’s begin with the left’s latest insane notion: restoring sight to the blind is yet another example of ableism — the discrimination of and social prejudice against people with disabilities based on the belief that typical abilities are superior — and moreover, disabilities “need no cure.” See what I mean?


As RedState reported earlier this month, Jimmy Donaldson, more popularly known as “MrBeast,” posted a video to his YouTube channel about how he helped “cure” the blindness of 1,000 people by providing them with free cataract surgery. Donaldson was promptly both praised and skewered, and on Friday, Tech Crunch contributor Steven Aquino blasted Donaldson as “more ableist than altruistic.”

Shocked? Me neither. Nothing these wingnuts say or do can surprise me. Here’s Aquino:

Before delving into the many layers of why the video is troublesome, it’s important to issue a caveat. However problematic MrBeast’s premise in producing the video, the people who participated — the patients and their doctors — should not be vilified. They made the decision to go through with the surgery of their own volition. The reasoning behind making that choice goes far beyond the scope of this article.

Then came Aquino’s unhinged craziness (emphasis, mine):

In the broadest lens, the biggest problem with wanting to “cure” blindness is that it reinforces a moral superiority of sorts by those without disabilities over those who are disabled. Although not confronted nearly as often as racism and sexism, systemic ableism is pervasive through all parts of society.

The fact of the matter is that the majority of abled people view disability as a failure of the human condition; as such, people with disabilities should be mourned and pitied. More pointedly, as MrBeast stated in his video’s thumbnail, disabilities should be eradicated — cured.


Oh, the humanity! Eradicating or curing disability would be the work of the Devil, for sure!

Seriously, though, what the hell does Steven Aquino know about how abled people as a whole view disabled people? He doesn’t; he’s preaching to his low-information choir.

Aquino admits that viewing disability as a failure of the human condition is technically correct. That’s why disabilities are what they are, he agrees: “The body doesn’t work as designed in some way(s),” but then says “if disabilities were computer software, engineers would be tasked with finding and fixing the bugs.” Spoiler, Steve: Medicine is indeed about “finding and fixing the bugs” in human beings.

This guy’s irrational “rationalization” is so off the charts, which innumerable examples can easily prove. He then returns to his ridiculous argument: “Yet the human body isn’t some soulless, inanimate machine that requires perfection in order to work properly or have value.”

Think about it: If you fell and broke your hand or your wrist, that would indeed be bad. You’d be disabled for some period of time. But the expectation during your recovery time would be that you’re still human, still yourself to reasonably do everything you could do prior.

You may find certain things inaccessible for a while and need some forms of assistive technology, but you would expect to be treated with dignity and you wouldn’t expect someone to miraculously reset your broken bone. Yet this is what MrBeast (and his millions of minions) are peddling with this video. They don’t recognize the humanity of blind people; they only recognize the abhorrence of not being able to see.


A complete crock of crap, Steve. How do you know what MrBeast and others recognize as humanity or abhor and/or pity? You don’t; you’re a faux intellectualist who writes for clicks — at least in this ridiculous piece.

Thing is, it’s not just helping the blind see that sets the left-wing whackos off. As Moonbattery reported, restoring hearing to deaf people is also under fire from the lunatic left:

If someone “cured” deafness, what would happen to the people? Deaf culture is real. The culture would fade away because there’d be no reason for sign language to exist and the experiences derived from it. …

Disabilities need no cure. What truly needs curing is society’s proclivity to view the disability community as little more than real-life characters from a Tod Browning film. Disabled people are not freaks. Disability isn’t a bad word. You can learn a lot from us.

Do you suppose pretend defenders of people with disabilities like Steven Aquino have sufficiently surveyed blind and deaf Americans and asked them if they’d like to be able to see or hear? Of course, not. Aquino knows as well as I do what such a survey would overwhelmingly find.

Ironically Steven Aquino is far more “blind” than any sightless person on the planet.


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