Jonathan Turley Blisters Democrats Over Twitter Files as 'Indictment of Congress' for Pushing Censorship

Jonathan Turley says Twitter Files are an "indictment of Congress" for pushing censorship. (Credit: Fox News)

Jonathan Turley is not only a renowned George Washington University law professor, legal scholar, and Fox News contributor; he has called himself a Democrat who’s willing to speak truth to power, and as a result, regularly blasts the Democrat Party and liberal media — now over the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.


Turley dropped by Friday’s episode of Fox News’s “Hannity” to discuss the ongoing Twitter Files dumps with an intelligent-as-usual take on the Twitter 1.0 internal documents, telling host Sean Hannity that Congressional Democrats have refused to pursue censorship allegations against Twitter “for years”:

These files are not just an indictment of the FBI, they’re an indictment of Congress. Congress has shown a steadfast refusal to dig into these censorship allegations, many of us have been writing about this for years. The Democratic members have refused to pursue this, and in fact, Democratic members have pushed social media companies to expand censorship.

The good professor then analyze the Democrats’ telling response to former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s apology for the social media company’s part in the Hunter Biden story:

In the very hearing where Jack Dorsey apologized for the Hunter Biden laptop debacle, the immediate reaction of Democratic senators [was] to tell him, don’t backslide on us, we want more censorship. Well, now, we have, not just censorship, we have blacklisting, we have these shadowbans. All of that is now open to the public.

And so, in some ways, Musk has forced people to choose sides. And I think that some of the anger that you see in the media borders on self-loathing. I mean, they’re having now to embrace not just being censorship apologists, but blacklisting and shadowbanning and also lying, because that’s what we’ve seen for the last three years.


“That’s a lot to take on yourself and still claim that you’re a journalist or you believe in free speech,” Turley said of the media.

Both the Democrat Party and the liberal media sock puppets are between a rock and a hard place as a result of Elon Musk’s return of free speech to Twitter. The Democrats and “mainstream” media lapdogs vociferously deny their support of censorship out of one side of their face, yet histrionically “almost” condemn Musk to eternal hell for lifting multiple suspensions of high-profile conservative Twitter accounts out of the other side.

Meanwhile, Musk gleefully continues to troll the crap out of the whole lot.


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