WATCH: 'LEXIT' Founder Powerfully Explains Why Latino Voters Continue to Flee Democrat Party in Droves

Lexit Leader explains why Latino voters are fleeing the Democrat Party and voting Republican. (Credit: Fox News)

Polling data since 2018 shows that Latino voters continue to flee the Democrat Party for the Republican Party in droves. While Democrat leaders appear clueless that it’s happening — and even better, why. To that end, “LEXIT” founder Jesse Holguin sat down with “Fox News at Night” to explain.


First, according to the LEXIT websiteLatino Exit from the Democrat Party — the political organization’s “mission is simple”: “Bringing Strength & Values Back.” Founded by Holguin in 2018, LEXIT’s goal is “to counter the narrative spun on minorities by mainstream and left-wing-inspired media.” According to the site:

Jesse Holguin is an ex-gang member that gave his life to Christ. He founded LEXIT to help educate Latinos and encourage them to vote with their Godly moral values. Lexit is the biggest conservative Latino organization in America, with chapters from California to New York.

Here at LEXIT, we are dedicated to showing Latinos and Hispanics that they don’t have to vote Democrat because of their skin color.

We believe in the traditional founding values that our forefathers envisioned when they fled British tyranny from King George to worship God freely.

Our goal is to continue what our forefathers envisioned and bring strength back to Latinos and Hispanics through conservative values.

Holguin told Fox News host Trace Gallagher how LEXIT does what it does so effectively:

We do that a lot. We have boots on the ground. So we feed the homeless, we just had a backpack giveaway. We went into the hood in San Bernadino — we gave away backpacks, haircuts, food … and we just had a Thanksgiving event.

We gave meals to people in the ghetto for Thanksgiving and now we’re having one at Calvary Chapel in South L.A. — we’re having Chrismas, even [with] pony rides; the kids are gonna have a train that drives around. We’re going give tamales, churros, and toys…


Are you paying attention, Republican Party?

As I first watched the video, several thoughts popped into my head. First, what a wonderful way for those who get it to give to others. Second, events like these should be sponsored by the Republican National Committee during various holiday seasons and throughout the year.

Third — and I love this one — how loudly the Democrat Party would howl at the moon about the GOP trying to buy the Hispanic vote, which would be laughably hypocritical to the extreme, given six decades of taxpayer handouts, driven by the Democrat Party with one primary objective in mind: buying Black votes.

Holguin recounted his story about being shot and paralyzed as a gang member, and how it reverberates with urban Hispanics who gravitate to him and by extension to the Republican Party.

A lot of Latinos can relate to my story. Like, I’ve been to the White House, I’ve been all over, and everywhere I go, Latinos be like, ‘My cousin was from the hood,’ or ‘my family member was from the barrio,’ or whatever — Latinos relate to my story.

So at LEXIT, a lot of us are just everyday Latinos — they like the way we represent ourselves [and] the other thing they like about us is our faith — our faith is big to us. Most Latinos are either Catholic or Christian — they have a love for God, so we always represent our love for Christ above all things.


Gallagher then asked the key question that many conservatives have pondered over the years, given the Latino community’s strong work ethic, respect for the traditional family unit, and deep faith: “Why are so many Latinos, Democrats?” Holguin nailed it:

We have it in the mindset — not just Latinos, but Blacks — we grow up automatically thinking we’re Democrats. … My family told me, ‘We’re Democrats.’ I asked why, and they told me, ‘Because Republicans are for the rich Whites, and the minorities are for the Democrats.’

Stop the tape. There it is in less than a paragraph.

A majority of Blacks and Latinos grow up being told by well-meaning family members what they were told by their parents, and most cynically, by the Democrat Party’s never-ending narrative of how “racist” White Republicans only care about rich White people and large corporations.

Damnable lies? Of course, they are — but here’s the thing: The Democrat Party for more than 60 years has blown away the Republican Party with its effective messaging. Dishonesty or not, their lies have stuck. So what should Republicans do about it, after decades of dishonestly? Craft better — and fact-based — narratives, take those narratives to the streets — boots on the ground, as Holguin says — and wise up.


If not? See Einstein’s definition of “insanity.” Oh, and continue to tilt at “rigged” and “stolen” elections.

To Holguin’s point, as I reported in December 2021, a poll at the time found that 42 percent of Hispanic Voters had walked away from the Democrats and into the Republican Party since 2018. That was at the end of 2021. It was profound. Warranted, but profound just the same.

According to a 2021 Rasmussen survey, 48 percent of Hispanic voters indicated they’d support a generic Republican on the ballot if the 2024 presidential election were held “today,” compared to 46 percent for the generic Democrat. Two points, no big deal? Given just a three-year period, a very big deal indeed.

And, as reported by my colleague Joe Cunningham in early November, Black voters are also beginning to vote Republican in record numbers.

The Bottom Line

Hispanic voters have dramatically shown they’re not going to dutifully line up, election after election, decade after decade, and mindlessly pull the “D” lever. On the contrary, while Democrats pander to Black Lives Matter and other fringe groups, Hispanics are clearly saying with their votes: Policies and Results Matter. 

Finally, according to a 2021 City University of New York study, roughly 18.7 million Hispanic Americans registered and voted in the 2020 election. The number is expected to continue to increase dramatically. Think about that.


And while you’re thinking about that, try also to think about not screwing up the 2024 election, irrespective of millions of newfound Latino Republican voters.


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