Who Knew? San Francisco Crowd Boos Musk After Dave Chappelle Brings Him Onstage at Comedy Gig

Britta Pedersen/Pool via AP

Whether or not you think Dave Chappelle is the GOAT of stand-up comedy (I do), he is among the most intelligent, and he regularly uses his intellect to screw with people, which makes him even more hilarious.


Such was the case during a gig in San Francisco on Sunday night when Chappelle brought Elon Musk onstage.

Before we continue, let’s analyze this for a minute.

Elon Musk. Onstage in San Francisco, of all places. Orchestrated by Dave Chappelle. Look, even Anthony Fauci could figure this one out. Chappelle had to know that the loony left-wing audience would lose their minds at the mere sight of Musk, and I’m sure Musk knew, as well.

Incidentally, Twitter headquarters remain in San Francisco, with Musk telling Business Insider he “does not intend” to move HQ to Texas.

So as reported by CNBC, Chappelle told the audience: “Ladies and gentlemen, make some noise for the richest man in the world.” While Musk was greeted by cheers, there was a loud chorus of boos, as well. “You weren’t expecting this, were you?” Musk asked Chappelle, to which the comedian responded: “It sounds like some of those people you fired are in the audience.”

Video captured by members of the audience shows Musk taking the stage and yelling Chappelle’s famous Rick James impression: “I’m rich, b***h.” He was then loudly booed for several minutes. The Twitter honcho had to know not only how that would go down, but you just know he loved every minute of it.


At one point, Musk tried to speak, but Chappelle interrupted him, saying:

Don’t say nothing. You hear that sound, Elon? That’s the sound of pending civil unrest.

Again, pure Chappelle.

As the boos continued, Chappelle closed the show with an admonishment — and a prayer:

Booing is not the best thing you can do. I wish everybody in this auditorium the joy of feeling free and may your pursuit of happiness set you free. Amen.

Amen, indeed.

Musk responded to the event in a Monday tweet, with tongue firmly planted in cheek:

Technically, it was 90% cheers & 10% boos (except during quiet periods), but, still, that’s a lot of boos, which is a first for me in real life (frequent on Twitter). It’s almost as if I’ve offended SF’s unhinged leftists … but nahhh.

Classic Elon.


And if Dave Chappelle isn’t the GOAT of stand-up comedy, I’m unaware of who is.

Meanwhile, given the fun that Elon Musk continues to have with tweaking the left on Twitter, I have zero doubt that the event played out exactly as he knew it would. Maybe next time, these two guys should do a comedy tour, together — but only in Democrat-controlled cities.


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