Dave Chappelle Explains Trump's Popularity to an SNL Crowd That Thinks He's Joking

Dave Chappelle is one of those comedians that will become a legend, on par with the likes of Robin Williams, Richard Prior, and George Carlin. What made them so memorable is the fact that they were able to point out truths while doing so in such a humorous way that these facts got through the emotional barriers we put up so as not to see them.


Chappelle is so good at it that people consider him dangerous. They don’t like the idea that this man is making people laugh at things they’re not supposed to laugh at and consider perspectives they’ve worked very hard to control.

Case in point, his recent appearance on SNL proved to be one of those moments. Chappelle got up and began doing his monologue and spent a part of it explaining the popularity of Trump to New Yorkers. The comedian’s well-delivered lines should be watched rather than explained, but the gist of it is that Trump was one of the few people who came from the very class that had been taking advantage of a rigged system and admitted it was happening to the people while everyone else was denying it.

Notice something interesting here. Chappelle wasn’t necessarily telling jokes. He threw some in, but a lot of it was just the truth delivered in such a way that it made people laugh whereas if it were delivered any other way, they would have sneered and denied it. As I say in my tweet about it, the funniest part about this bit was that they thought he was actually joking.


Chappelle isn’t wrong in his assessment. Trump’s brutal honesty and embrace of the attacks regularly foisted on the rich were not just admitted to, but he made it clear that his opponents are enjoying the same exact luxuries as he is while they finger-wag at him.

In doing so, it made him the most honest guy in the room. It didn’t matter that he was doing that stuff at all. In fact, given the opportunity, many people would do the exact same as him, making what he was saying about things like the tax code even more true.

It’s things like this moment from Chappelle that do far more damage to the Democrat narrative than any Republican talking to Tucker Carlson could ever do. At that moment, many coastals understood Trump in a way they hadn’t before and maybe even found something to agree with him on. Die-hards will naturally stay die-hards, but the truth that got through their barrier is going to start growing in their minds.


The fact that the guy they hated was the only guy telling the truth will make them wonder why everyone else had been telling them lies, including the people they trusted.

You can see why Chappelle is so hated by the hard left. He’s capable of talking to a part of the people that are typically walled off. That’s the point of comedians, though. They highlight absurdities and truths we typically don’t see, and it’s one of the reasons comedy and free speech are often under attack.


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