Democrat Sen. Markey Whines About Musk Ignoring 'Deadline' to Answer Dopey Questions

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You ever wonder if the Democrats and their liberal media sock puppets are aware of how entertaining they are in their blatant hypocrisy over the Devil’s spawn — Elon Musk — and his acquisition of Twitter? Me, neither; they’re clueless, which makes their hysterical hissy fits all the more enjoyable to watch.


Such was the case on Saturday when Massachusetts Democrat Sen. Ed Markey fired off a tweet, whining about Musk, who “failed to respond to my letter by yesterday’s deadline.” Oh please. Markey lacks the authority to compel Musk to respond to his silly deadline and he knows it. Still, Markey tweeted:

@elonmusk could respond to my tweets but failed to respond to my letter by yesterday’s deadline and answer basic questions about Twitter verification. Congress must end the era of failed Big Tech self-regulation and pass laws that put user safety over the whims of billionaires.

We’ll get to Markey’s off-the-charts hypocrisy in a minute, but his wimpy tweet wasn’t even sent to Musk directly; instead, he just referred to the new Twitter boss as if speaking to a third party.

Twitter user “AmericanRN” perfectly translated Markey’s little whine-fest:


@elonmusk didn’t answer my demand by the bogus deadline I made up but maybe it’s because he knows it’s a massively abusive overreach of Congressional power to attempt to regulate Twitter because I’m pissed it will no longer do our bidding and I hate the new CEO.


Now, Markey’s mindblowing hypocrisy.

Where were Markey and his pals when various Antifa groups were allowed to spew violent extremism on Twitter 1.0? After Musk on Friday began suspending accounts that call for violence, Portland Antifa threatened violent protests at Tesla dealerships. Any thoughts, Ed? Other than crickets, I mean.

Where were Markey and his pals as Twitter 1.0 helped shape the Black Lives Matter movement? The most common Black Lives Matter hashtags were #BlackLivesMatter, #GeorgeFloyd, #BreonnaTaylor, #Black, and #ICantBreathe. We know how that all turned out.


Ed? Did you issue deadlines for Antifa and Black Lives Matter to respond to questions? Of course, you didn’t. Know why? Because both groups fueled the made-up Democrat narrative about “white supremacy,” “systematic racism,” and other politically expedient crap. But you already knew that.

Then Elon Musk comes along and begins to create Twitter 2.0 by reinstating conservative accounts suspended by the previous regime, and suspending accounts threatening violence, including various Black Lives Matter and Antifa accounts, Ed.

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Why not at least have the cojones to admit it, Ed? Of course, you won’t — you can’t.

Truth is, Ed, the leftist stranglehold on social media has finally been breached — and you and your left-wing pals are terrified by the new reality.


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