WATCH: Bill Maher Calls Embattled Fetterman the Democrats' 'Guy Who Recently Died of a Stroke'

(Janet Van Ham/HBO via AP)

You gotta feel for Pennsylvania Democrat Senate candidate John Fetterman. I mean, the guy suffered a stroke on May 13, 2022–albeit after being diagnosed with atrial fibrillation (AF), an irregular heart rhythm, in 2017 and failing to follow through on his cardiologist’s recommended regimen of medication and exercise.


As a result, Fetterman continues to show symptoms of an auditory processing disorder, which can be perceived as hearing difficulty. In addition, the Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania repeatedly makes nonsensical comments — as if wordsmith Kamala Harris writes his cue cards. Clearly, John Fetterman is incapable of responsibly serving in the U.S. Senate — even as a Democrat.

As is the case with Joe Biden and his pretend-doctor wife, Jill, Fetterman’s wife Gisele should be held accountable for “allowing” her husband to be publicly humiliated in his present condition, much less running for political office. In “Dr.” Jill’s case, I’m talking elder abuse.

Welp, HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher took a slightly different tack against Fetterman’s candidacy during his opening monologue on Friday’s episode, which the ascorbic Maher begins by taking shots at both parties.

“With the midterms just 11 days away” [as of Friday], Maher quips:

The Republicans are putting up a slate of election-deniers, crackpots, and crooks, and the Democrats have a guy who recently died of a stroke.


Ouch. Maher continues, after rounds of laughter:

We’re not making fun, but if you saw that debate in Pennsylvania, Dr. Oz against John Fetterman — he did recently have a stroke, Fetterman, and he is still a little shaky.

Maher then parlays his Fetterman bit into a shot at the Georgia Republican Senate candidate:

Neurologists call that condition ‘Herschel Walker.’

Bill Maher, being Bill Maher, America.

Love Maher or hate him — or somewhere in between — if you watch Maher consistently, he’s going to tick you off, sooner or later. In any case, it’s not a good idea to get out over one’s skis in support of — or trashing of — Mr. Maher: he’s an equal-opportunity elitist.


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