Bill Maher Tricks the Woke, Gives No Treats — and Offers an SJW Costume With a Rectal Stick

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Are you ready for Halloween? You aren’t if you haven’t read the rules — according to social justice warriors.

Bill Maher has thoughts on that, and he crystallized them during Friday night’s installment of Real Time:


“Every year, we go through this [baloney] — lists of costumes you’d better not wear… Here’s an idea, clickbait websites: I won’t tell you how to harvest and sell my personal data, and you don’t tell me what I can wear on Halloween.”

The host went on to bomb Buzzfeed — or, in his words, “Buzz Kill” — which recently published the passionate imploration “Please, I Am Literally on My Knees Begging You — Do Not Wear Any of These Halloween Costumes This Year.”

He also simmered Simone Biles for a tweet laying down her law:

Bill’s analysis:

“Who’s ‘we’? What’s with the ‘we’? Who died and made you The Great Pumpkin? I’m so tired of a handful of emotional hemophiliacs on social media telling us what we can’t do on Halloween.”

The comedian curated “verboten costumes on stupid lists this year”:

  • Queen Elizabeth — “Too soon?”
  • Characters outside of your race
  • Genies — “Because genies were slaves.”
  • Sexy schoolgirls
  • Playboy bunnies
  • Celebrities accused of pedophilia
  • Elvis
  • Zombie versions of deceased celebrities
  • Any unhoused person — “What we used to call a hobo, the default costume of every kid in history.”
  • Anyone with an eating disorder — “So goodbye, skeletons.”
  • “Transphobic” costumes — “‘Cause if kids want to see drag queens, they can go to Story Hour.”
  • Putin
  • Trump
  • Anything related to the Oscars slap
  • Johnny Depp
  • Amber Heard
  • Anything related to vaccines, COVID, or monkeypox

“So have fun, kids — and let your imaginations soar,” he added sarcastically. Then, “These are all great costumes. … You should wear all of them.”

He even recommended mixing it up:

“[C]ombine them if you want — have the queen [defecate] in Johnny’s bed.”


Until recently, of course, Halloween-observant Americans donned whatever they wished. Society wasn’t filled with people telling others what was offensive or what should offend them. Still, prohibited costume lists aren’t new for 2022:

The Woke Set Sail for Inclusive Island: Halloween Costumes Are Already Being Banned at Schools and Universities

University Likened Unwoke Halloween Costumes to Rape and Murder

Anti-Defamation League’s Halloween Costumes Guide Is Scary Ridiculous

Bill made an interesting point — these days, the young are the old fogeys:

“[T]hat is the craziest part of all this — being irreverent, unclenched, and playful should be the province of the young, but it’s not. … [W]hen someone in a problematic costume shows up at your door, it’s literally Gen Z telling them to ‘Get off my lawn’ — except it’s not your lawn, because you live at your parents’ house.”


He also itemized his own Halloween costume — that of an “uber-woke, overly anxious, perpetually offended twentysomething’:

  • “[Forget] the Patriarchy” T-shirt
  • A check from the patriarchy to pay for car insurance
  • Cloth surgical mask
  • Surgical mask
  • N-95 mask
  • Face shield
  • Klonopin to take the edge off
  • Adderall to put it back on
  • Participation trophy
  • Nose ring
  • Vape pen
  • Cat-ears headphones to listen to sad music
  • Support animal leash
  • “Stick that goes up my [butt]”

Finally, he offered a suggestion to the delicate among us:

“If Halloween is too much for your fragile sensibilities and you’re worried about seeing someone wearing something that’s on the forbidden costume list, just stay the [heck] home.”

Still, Bill’s sympathetic:

“It’s not your fault, kids — your parents ruined you by overprotecting you. And now you’re these a**holes.”

Well, kind of sympathetic.



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