Bill Maher Waxes Political About One Thing Trump Could Do to Beat Biden 'So Easy' in 2024

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HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher has enjoyed a mostly positive run on RedState for a minute. Readers (and writers), while somewhat surprised by many of the acerbic liberal comedian and political pundit’s takes, have by and large responded positively to much of the Maher stuff we’ve covered. For example:


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Easy to agree with Maher on the above, right? Let’s jump into Maher’s comments on the 2024 election — specifically a Trump v. Biden race — and see where that takes us. As reported by Fox News, Maher on Friday’s episode conceded that Trump could win “so easy” in 2024.

The operative word is could. 

As Maher sees it, that “so easy” is conditioned on Trump doing — make that, not doing — one thing: Attempting to relitigate the 2020 election. As Maher also sees it, Trump is incapable of doing so.

As transcribed by Fox:

And I just thought, you know, if Trump could just let go of the election, which he can’t, he can win this so easy because he can win just on Drag Queen Story Hour.

Maher then proceeded to shred The Donald, while begrudgingly praising Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as a 2024 alternative. Referring to a recent New Hampshire poll showing DeSantis up by two points over Trump in a GOP primary matchup, Maher mocked: “That’s right, Donnie, he beat you.”


Yet again, Maher thinks Trump could win in 2024, but…

Again, if he could just let go of the election, but at this point, you know, he’s just like a hotel room that smells at some point you just want a new room, you know what I mean?

And DeSantis, I mean, he’s just more… is more vibrant, if you like people who don’t lose elections and, you know.

Podcast host Katie Herzog agreed with Maher’s assessment.

And he’s also not plagued by scandal the way that Trump is. He’s a much stronger candidate. The Jan. 6 hearings have been very compelling to watch, but a little part of me thinks this might actually be bad for the Democrats, because if Trump is too weak to win the Republican nomination, it’s going to be DeSantis, and DeSantis could beat Biden.

As I transcribed the above two quotes, I thought: Here we have two adamant Democrats, both of whom are able to objectively analyze the potential candidacies of the two top Republicans in most 2024 polls. One might completely agree or completely disagree with either of their observations, but how refreshing, I mused, that both were capable of relative objectivity — a quality sorely lacking in politics, these days.


And  finally, this from Maher:

Anybody could beat Biden. Trump might be the one guy who can lose to Biden. With DeSantis, you’re right because he’s a winner.

Argue amongst yourselves in the comment section, but please don’t break the furniture.

The bottom line:

In the eyes of some, objectivity bites. Even when it’s in their best interests to learn from it.


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