Large Illegal Caravans Prepare to Give Biden, Democrats Exactly What They Deserve as Midterms Loom

As many times as we’ve condemned the Biden Border Crisis™ while more than two million illegal aliens have streamed into the U.S., the next caravans preparing to surge the border almost amount to in-kind campaign contributions to the Republican Party, with the midterm elections less than two weeks away.


Exactly, of course, what Joe Biden and the Democrat Party deserve — with exquisite timing.

Guatemalan Interior Minister Napoleon Barrientos has intelligence that large caravans of illegal aliens are heading to the border and will attempt to enter the U.S. in anticipation of the November 8 midterms, he told the Daily Caller News Foundation during a sit-down interview.

Barrientos said the illegals believe they have a short window left to make the trek across the border because it may not be as easy after the midterms, with Republicans set to regain control of the House and possibly the Senate, and are promising to put an end to Biden’s intentional border crisis and tighten border security to at least pre-Biden levels. “The information that these migrant caravans have is that after that date, policies will be hardened,” the interior minister said.

We have information that caravans will be coming in the next few weeks, particularly before the date of November 8. So we’re doing operations in our borders to stop the flow migration.

Barrientos told Daily Caller that Guatemala is staging military drills with Mexico in preparation for the caravans’ arrival — perhaps a dubious claim at best, — given the numbers of illegals that have continually streamed across the border since Day One of the disastrous Biden presidency.


This news should come as no surprise to anyone — particularly not to Joe Biden and the Democrat Party.

Biden pledged throughout his 2020 basement campaign to welcome illegal aliens with open arms — virtually the only campaign promise he’s kept — by all but installing one-way northbound people movers along the southern border, hiring welcoming mariachi bands, and hanging piñatas every hundred yards for the kiddies.

So, as Biden takes the oath of office, the onslaught begins.

And what does the intentionally deceitful president do? Laughably taps Kamala Harris of all people to lead the White House effort to tackle the “migration challenge.” You know — that “root causes” nonsense.  And how does that go? Rhetorical question, of course; Harris couldn’t read a “Fun With Dick and Jane” book without turning it into an unintelligible word salad deluxe. 

And lying DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas?

That guy should be impeached — at least — for being a one-man clear and present danger to the security of the United States, as tons of deadly fentanyl, nearly 100 FBI terror watchlist suspects, and untold numbers of illegals previously convicted of major crimes have either entered or attempted to enter the country, as Mayorkas continues to lie about border “security.”


So yes, it looks like Joe Biden and his intentionally incompetent administration, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the Democrat Party are about to get exactly what they deserve in less than two weeks. Thing is, the American people have deserved nothing of the kind and the Democrats couldn’t have cared less.

They never do.


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