Thursday Cartoon: Thank Joe Biden for the Fentanyl Crisis

Joe Biden is an unmitigated disaster. The only way he and his party deal with Biden’s abject failures is to deflect and gaslight.

Up is down, down is up.


There is no greater failure than how his administration has handled the border crisis.  And it is a crisis.

Millions of people cross the border and untold numbers are criminals or worse — terrorists — and the left turns a blind eye. Sure it is tragic and awful, but each and every day, Americans die because deadly drugs cross the southern border.

To put it in some perspective, the Vietnam War killed over 58,000 Americans in the second longest war in American history. In 2021, COVID claimed the lives of just over 21,000 Americans in the 21-45 age, demographic. In the same year, Fentanyl overdoses killed almost TWICE that number — yet we shut down the economy, but wouldn’t shut down the border. At present, 154 Americans die every day from fentanyl.

Joe Biden refuses to do anything productive to stop the flow of illegal fentanyl across the southern border.

Biden isn’t just a border “coyote.” He’s also a drug dealer.


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