Biden's Serial Lying Is One Thing, His 'Logic' Is Not Only Bizarre but Dangerous

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In this episode of Riddle Me This, Batman…

How in the world can a logical person — let alone the president of the United States — intentionally create a domestic oil and gas crisis, by first canceling the Keystone XL Pipeline permit on his first day in office, then begging Saudi Arabia to increase oil supplies, as pump prices skyrocket and his approval ratings plummet, and finally, threatening the Saudis with “consequences” after they instead decide to dramatically cut oil supplies in an effort to stabilize prices? Unless that “logical” person is Joe Biden.


Biden’s illogical logic, in conjunction with his incessant serial lying, continues to wreak havoc, from out-of-control inflation to the southern border crisis to the worsening fentanyl pandemic to his foreign policy ineptness. Now, we have his talk of nuclear war with clearly-deranged Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, as the war in Ukraine continues to deteriorate. As I suggested in the headline, Biden’s serial lying is one thing, but his never-ending illogical missteps are not only bizarre; they’re downright dangerous.

Angered by last week’s decision by the Saudi-led OPEC+, which includes Russia, to scale back petroleum supplies on the market by up to two million barrels per day to bolster the price of oil, Biden vowed retaliation on Tuesday during a segment with CNN’s Jake Tapper, as reported by The New York Times:

There’s [sic] going to be some consequences for what they’ve done with Russia. I’m not going to get into what I’d consider and what I have in mind. But there will be consequences.

What Biden has “in mind”? Oh, please.

The only thing Biden has in mind — for mere nanoseconds at a time — is trying to follow simple, written instructions from his handlers about when to talk, when to shut up, when to sit down, get up, and walk away from media questions. Oh, and to cluelessly sign any pieces of paper shoved in front of him by his left-wing puppet masters.


Play Stupid Games — Win Stupid Prizes

Let’s cast our minds back to May when Biden — who often refers to pretend-anthropomorphically-caused climate change as “the existential threat of mankind” — appeared to praise out-of-control gas prices as a necessary part of the left’s hellbent drive to eliminate fossil fuels in favor of so-called “green” energy:

Here’s the situation. When it comes to gas prices, we’re going through an incredible transition that is taking place, God willing, when it’s over, we’ll be stronger and the world will be stronger and less reliant on fossil fuels.

That’s insane on multiple levels. One look at California’s recent ban on the sale of new gas-powered passenger vehicles by 2035, and the current — and projected — capacity of the no-longer-Golden State’s energy grid proves the delusion of such a decision.

Spread that insane “logic” across the country, and where would we be? (rhetorical question.) Nonetheless, Bidden’s obsession with a future magical world of EVs continues.

The Bottom Line

While Joe Biden is the current poster boy of the illogical logic of the left, he’s far from alone.

A political party that anoints itself as the “party of women and children,” yet supports on-demand abortion-until-birth, the irreversible mutilation of “transexual” kids’ bodies, and promotes the “right” of biological males to kick the hell out of biological females in women’s sports, is not only illogical; it’s a direct threat to the future of America.


While the upcoming midterm elections are likely to return House Republicans to the majority, and the Senate somewhere between a 60-40 chance of a Republican takeover and a toss-up, the 2024 presidential election is critical if we are to restore sanity to America.

You know the rest: Let’s not purposely snatch defeat from the jaws of victory–served on a silver platter by Biden and the Democrats, okay?


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