Dem Senate Candidate Says 'It's Not That Simple' to Tell Rioters Not to Riot Because They Have 'Legitimate Pain'

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Setting aside the blatant hypocrisy — which we’ll get to, later — North Carolina Democrat Senate nominee Cheri Beasley believes rioters have “legitimate pain,” and that “it’s not that simple” to simply tell them not to riot, during remarks about George Floyd riots in Raleigh, North Carolina.


As Julio Rosas reported on RedState’s sister site Townhall, Beasley, who recently served as North Carolina’s Supreme Court chief justice, said last week that violent Black Lives Matter riots that took place across the U.S. in the aftermath of Floyd’s death in 2020 “have been really fruitful,” incredulously adding: “I think our conversations across the board are very different.”

If by “very different” Beasley meant blanket “white supremacy” charges against white Americans who, by virtue of the color of their skin, are born afflicted with “systemic racism,” for which they must spend their lives atoning for their whiteness by proactively practicing “anti-racist” behavior, she was right.

Otherwise, Beasley is delusional as hell.

It is shocking to see our workplaces, businesses, and community spaces damaged, but we must recognize the legitimate pain and weight of years of disparate treatment that fuels these demonstrations. We must be willing to hear that message — even when we are saddened by the way it is delivered.

We must decry the failures of justice and equityjust as forcefully as we decry violence.  It is not enough to say to protesters, ‘Go home and follow the rules.’ It’s just not that simple.


Beyond absurdity — but unsurprising, given the upside-down world of today’s left.

Where does one begin? 

Should we start with Beasley’s hypocrisy or dismissal of the laws of our land? Let’s hit both.

Beasley said in effect that those with diverse views — legitimate or not — should be excused or at least understood for breaking laws against looting, violence, and indiscriminate rioting. The hypocrisy couldn’t be more blatant; unless Beasley and her leftist comrades believe the same “logic” should apply to January 6 Capitol rioters who have been held without charges and called “insurrectionists” by Democrat lawmakers.

As Rosas reported in his Townhall piece, Beasley recently reiterated her take on the BLM riots that gripped the nation in the summer of 2020.

So the protesting has been helpful. I’m sorry that there’s been an effort to be divisive around it because I believe the protests have offered an opportunity to allow people to really think differently. It’s not supposed to be easy. I understand that folks are concerned about violence and all of that, but that’s a dis-detraction in my mind around what the real issues are.


Yet, while January 6 rioters foolishly breached the U.S. Capitol Building, they didn’t loot, burn, or indiscriminately kill 25 people. What was Cheri Beasley’s take on that riot? Crickets.

Silent and hypocritical as hell, of course, but should America have expected anything more? Where was the justice system and Democrat-controlled Congress in response to the treatment of the Jan. 6 defendants?

Troubling question — which the Democrat Party ignores.


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