Maine Department of Education Calls 'MAGA' a Form of 'Covert Racism and White Supremacy'

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Now that we’ve settled into the notion of a sitting president of the United States labeling a former president and his supporters as “semi-fascists” who pose a “threat to the rule of law,” it comes as zero surprise that a Democrat governor refuses to remove a controversial video from her state’s department of education labeling “MAGA” a form of “covert racism and white supremacy.” Yawn. Way too predictable.


The Maine Department of Education offers a program titled, “Maine Online Opportunities for Sustained Education” (MOOSE), as reported by the Daily Caller, that includes a charge against “MAGA,” first popularized by former President Donald Trump, in a module on “inclusivity” for state educators.

Governor Janet Mills steadfastly refuses to remove the ridiculous tax-payer-funded video.

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It gets even more ridiculous.

As the Caller noted, the video contains other examples of alleged “covert” racist ideas, including: “education funding from property taxes,” “Columbus day,” “anti-immigration policies,” “not challenging racist jokes,” “All Lives Matter,” “racist Halloween costumes,” “assuming good intentions are enough,” and more.

The module contrasts “covert racism” with “overt racism and white supremacy,” including “lynching,” “wearing blackface,” and “using racial slurs.” You don’t suppose that includes racial slurs against conservative Republicans like Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, media personality and former California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder, and other black conservatives, do you?

A spokesperson for the department went into Buck-Passing Biden™ mode, telling a local news outlet that the state had no part in creating the video.


The Department of Education will continue to empower teachers, parents, and elected school boards to make their own decisions and public education in Maine, despite attacks like these.

Uh-huh. I don’t want to nitpick, here, but if a school board made its “own decision” condemning Critical Race Theory indoctrination of young children, or on-demand abortion until birth — neither of which will ever happen, of course — would this liberal hack and equally hypocritical governor “empower” those videos, particularly with tax-payer money?

The question is rhetorical and liberals are the most hypocritical group of people on the face of the earth.

The Bottom Line

It could not be clearer why embattled Joe Biden and the equally beset Democrat Party have further reduced themselves to lying about Donald Trump and patriotic Americans, some of whom, to be fair, might be certifiably crazy (see: QAnon Shaman Jacob Chansley), but they hardly qualify as “semi-fascists” or a “threat to the rule of law,” much less, “insurrectionists.” Biden’s intentionally created crises have brought this country to the edge of something — what, I’m not yet sure — that’s heading in an ominous direction.


As we reported on Wednesday, investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald recently accused the Democrat Party of “criminalizing the opposition,” in a blistering op-ed in which he correctly asserted that Biden and the Democrats are the real authoritarians — not Donald Trump and “MAGA Republicans.”

In early September I wrote: “While Trump seeks less government power, it’s Joe Biden who covets authoritative rule.” I stand by that comment as much as I stand by anything I’ve ever written.


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