Democrat-Run Cities Cruelly Employ 'Anti-Homelessness Architecture' to Curb Public Sleeping

(AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

As we encounter more and more news and events that beat The Babylon Bee and other satire sites to the punch, along comes “anti-homelessness architecture.” No idea what it is? Neither did I until I read about it.


The architectural design is popping up in Democrat-run cities across America, particularly those plagued by homeless camps, public drug use, urination and defecation, and the destruction of property — all of which are on the rise. The reason is singular: Democrat city governments refuse to enforce existing laws that prohibit “all of the above.”

So as human nature dictates, the crisis continues to grow. So, what’s a good city government, concerning the daily lives of city residents and local businesses to do? Enforce the laws and clear away the mess.

Ah, but what’s a “caring and empathetic” Democrat-run city government to do?

Refuse to enforce laws against homelessness and instead enact desperate half-measures that will have zero impact on reducing homelessness and instead inflict further cruelty on already desperate people. And most obscene, the misery wouldn’t have occurred in the first place if not for Democrat-controlled governments; the very hypocrites who preach “morality” to the rest of us and chastise our “lack of empathy.”

Enter, “anti-homeless architecture.”

Anti-homelessness architecture, also known as  “hostile architecture” or “defensive architecture,” can be subtle or difficult to spot, but it exists all around us — and it’s dangerous. Whether it exists on park benches covered with “spikes” that stop sleeping, spikes placed in doorways on in front of garage doors, which often allow heat to escape from a building, or other places, anti-homelessness architecture can take many forms that are becoming permanent fixtures in cities and larger towns across America.


City planners are purposely building infrastructure that deters homeless people from “setting up camp” in public spaces, as reported by Pitt News.

Defensive design architects claim these elements are intended to eliminate crime and ensure that public spaces are used for their original purposes, but this is really just code for excluding specific, unwanted groups. Anti-homeless architecture manifests in a variety of structures.

Some common ones are benches with dividers, spiked window sills, slanted benches and under-bridge spikes. Have you ever sat on a public bench and wondered why there was a divider between you and the person beside you? Have you ever been waiting for a bus and leaned behind you, only to find a spiked ledge?

Here’s the “clever” part:

Hostile architecture appears as something that’s useful for citizens. Planters on the sidewalk  when in reality, they are structures to redirect people out of sheltered areas. Sidewalk boulders will seem like abstract architectural art, when they are really built to deter the homeless population.

Curved benches will seem like a funky design choice, when their true purpose is to prevent homeless people from sleeping on them. The way I see it, the goal of hostile architecture is to be discreet and confusing in order to mask its true purpose. That’s why these elements are so subtle.


Which came first with liberals and by extension Democrat politicians — the hypocrisy or the cruelty? I sometimes wonder. But the bottom line is clear:

These structures and those who designed, built, and had them installed don’t help homeless people who already suffer from the often harsh conditions of the physical environment. The homeless solution? Sleep on sidewalks or other open spaces, geniuses.

While I’m far from a pretend-to-be-empathetic liberal until the rubber meets the road — or an illegal alien steps one foot on Martha’s Vineyard, as it were — true conservatives are compassionate people who are concerned with permanent solutions to out-of-control homelessness — not ridiculous Band-Aids. 

As the famous line says, albeit related to an entirely different subject, “Build it and they will come.”

In the case of hypocritical Democrat city governments that first welcomed the homeless, only to later enact half-assed measures that further inflict humiliation and suffering on the people they once welcomed with open arms, the cowardly hypocrisy is off the charts.



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