Climate Alarmists Hardest Hit After Summer Months Pass Without Named Hurricanes


In this episode of The Existential Threat to Mankind…

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. We’ve been warned for decades by the likes of Al Gore, John Kerry, noted climatologists Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Leonardo DiCaprio, and other climate alarmists that catastrophic hurricanes would become common, as would tornadoes, devastating global droughts, catastrophic floods, and melting polar ice caps, dooming Florida, New York City, and elsewhere.


The Apocolypse — the existential threat to mankind arrived — would soon arrive and condemn the planet to eternal darkness. Just one problem: It hasn’t happened. Not even close.

The latest example of science flying in the face of the climate alarmists comes from Philip Klotzbach, a forecaster at Colorado State University specializing in Atlantic basin hurricanes, who on Tuesday wrote on Twitter that “for the first time since 1941, the Atlantic has had no named storm (e.g., tropical storm or [hurricane]) activity from July 3rd-August 30th.”

Klotzbach further put the facts into proper perspective, unlike Biden, Kerry, & Co., and Hollywood loons like the ever hypocritical Leo DiCaprio who, like Kerry, jets around the world in his private jet and sails the seas in his private yacht. Care to compare carbon footprints, Leo? Mr. Kerry?

Since 1950, two Augusts have had no Atlantic named storm formations: 1961 and 1997. It remains to be seen if 2022 will join this list. 1961 ended up a hyperactive hurricane season with an extremely busy September-November, while 1997 was a below-average season.

Facts are stubborn things, my emotionally-driven liberal friends.


Again, science matters. (CovidGnome™ was unavailable for comment.) And while we are entitled to our own opinions, not one of us is entitled to our own facts.

As we continue, consider the following RedState headlines:

Jordan Peterson Takes Blowtorch to Climate Alarmists: ‘Back Off, Oh Master of the Universe’

Biden’s Cockamamie Comments About Climate Change and Controlling the Weather

As Climate Hysteria Hits Fever Pitch, Democrat Senate Candidate Links ‘Racism’ to ‘Global Warming’

The first obvious question is this: How can we even begin to take climate alarmism seriously?

As we reported in the Jordan Peterson piece, the brilliant Canadian clinical psychologist, media personality, author, and professor emeritus at the University of Toronto correctly posited:

Life is more difficult due to the transition from fossil fuels to the so-called “green energy” scheme, incessantly beaten to death by Joe Biden and others Peterson calls believers in an “environmental apocalypse.” In the video, he vowed to resist the global fear campaign, which he said is aimed at “stripping people of freedom” by making life more expensive and more difficult.

In the second article above, we quoted one of Biden’s most ridiculous comments about the climate, in which he actually suggested that the weather is “not beyond our control.” Totally not crazy.

Everybody has an obligation to help … It’s not like it’s beyond our control. The weather may be out of our control for now, but it is not beyond our control.


Same Joe Biden, by the way, who in January blew off a campaign promise to America’s miners and bowed to climate extremists by canceling two major mineral leases, effectively killing the projects and handing a major win to environmentalists.

Meanwhile, as we reported in the third article, Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes, the state’s Democrat candidate for Senate, chaired a recent state government climate change task force that included among its recommendations, anti-racism education. So what does “racism have to do with “global warming,” you ask? As chair of a recent “climate task force,” Barnes said in a statement:

Environmental racism and climate change are inextricably linked because the embedded racism and bias that exist within social, government, corporate, and financial systems deem who benefits from activities that produce harmful emissions and who suffer most from the consequences.

“Historically, communities of color and low-income communities have suffered the most,” Barnes added.

The bottom line:

The left has used and abused science — selectively, of course — in its hellbent pursuit to bring the fossil fuel industry to heel and shove misnomered “green energy” policies down our throats, just as Democrats have used, abused, and outright ignored science in its politicization of the COVID-19 pandemic, including scare tactics, unconstitutional mandates, and draconian lockdowns —with lasting negative consequences.


None of this should surprise anyone, of course, particularly those of us who understand liberals better than they understand themselves. Facts, data, history, logic, and common sense are anathema to the left as they continue to tilt at windmills and chastise the “selfish” rest of us for living normal lives.

As a political pundit, at least these nutjobs remain the most target-rich environment I’ve yet to see.



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