Jordan Peterson Takes Blowtorch to Climate Alarmists: 'Back Off, Oh Master of the Universe'

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As is the case with any number of influential conservatives with large microphones, the left is terrified of Jordan Peterson — which is why, for example, the Canadian psychologist, author, and media personality was suspended by Twitter in late June after he tweeted about gender transition surgery undergone by an actor who now goes by the name of Elliot Page.


Peterson was promptly kicked to the curb for allegedly violating Twitter’s rules against “hateful conduct.”

He also caused a left-wing meltdown in May with a tweet declaring a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model “not beautiful,” adding: “No amount of authoritarian tolerance is going to change that.”

Welp, Peterson is back again, this time blistering the “existential threat to mankind” crowd, in a blistering video on his YouTube channel, titled, Back Off, Oh Masters of the Universe. Peterson went bottom-line with a few questions with which tens of millions of Americans can identify — as we speak.

Have you all noticed that food has become much more expensive? That shelter has become much more expensive? That energy is more expensive? That many consumer goods are simply unavailable?

Peterson went on to argue that life is more difficult due to the transition from fossil fuels to the so-called “green energy” scheme, incessantly beaten to death by Joe Biden and others Peterson calls believers in an “environmental apocalypse.” In the video, he vowed to resist the global fear campaign, which he said is aimed at “stripping people of freedom” by making life more expensive and more difficult. (Think: Joe Biden)


As transcribed by NewsBusters:

Leave us alone, you centralizers of power. You worshippers of Gaia. You sacrificers of the wealth and property of others. You would-be planetary savers. You Machiavellian pretenders and virtue-signallers, objecting to power, all the while you gather it around you madly.

Leave us alone!

(Biden, John Kerry, the “United States special presidential envoy for climate”, Leonardo DiCaprio, and a host of other hypocritical as hell climate alarmists were unavailable for comment.)

In an August 15 article titled, Peddlers of environmental doom have shown their true totalitarian colours [sic], Peterson correctly observed that “corporations and utopians are offering authoritarian solutions to crises only democracy and free markets can solve.”

In the video, Peterson called for resistance to the madness.

We will not advance without resistance through the straits of your enforced privation. We will not allow you to steal and destroy the energy that makes our lives bearable and that produces our food and shelter and housing and the sporadic delights of modern life, just to address your existential terror, particularly when it will fail to do so in any case.

Emphasis on economic growth instead of “green new deals.” 

Peterson offered his ideas for a “pathway to the future,” unlike the destructive utopian nonsense of the climate-craze left.


I learned that the fastest and most certain pathway forward to the future we all want and need — peaceful, prosperous, beautiful — is through the economic elevation of the absolutely poor. Make the poor rich, and the planet will improve.

Or at least get out of their way while they try to make themselves rich. Make the poor poorer, and this is the concrete plan, remember, and things will get worse. Perhaps worse beyond imagining.

Therein lies the dirty little non-secret secret of the Democrat Party.

The “keep them poor” strategy has worked in some segments of America, quite well, as tens of millions of voters line up, election after election, and vote Democrat — no questions asked. Even more masterfully, Democrats have convinced their base that while the party has not delivered on all (any) of its promises, to think about how worse off they’d be if not for the Democrats to protect them from the evil Republicans.

On the plus side, we’re beginning to see that strategy fail, and I believe that failure will only compound.

For example, as I reported in December 2021, Hispanic voters are abandoning the Democrat Party in droves, a then-recent poll found that  A recent poll found that 42 percent of Hispanic Voters have walked away from the Democrats and toward the Republican Party since 2018. That is profound.


Warranted, I suggested, but profound just the same.


The bottom line:

The Democrat Party has been hellbent on creating a permanent underclass in America for at least six decades, figuring that keeping a majority of Americans “poor,” as they further assume, would also keep them dependent on the Democrat Party — not only to improve their lot in life but also to protect them from the “evil” rich, greedy corporations, so-called “climate deniers,” and by association, the Republican Party.

Toss in massive wealth-redistribution schemes and there you have it.


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