Noted Metallurgist AOC Makes Woke Claim About Her 'Zero Emission' Engagement Ring

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I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that if super-woke “Green New Deal” leftists like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Loon) spent one-tenth of the time at least trying to think rationally as they spend on Planet Looney Tunes, they might be a tad bit more… um… rational. Nah, never mind.


This makes zero difference to me — and it should make zero difference to you — but these people are entertaining at best, and far-left influencers, at worst. Anyway, the exciting news on Planet Looney Tunes this week was the announcement by Socialist Barbie AOC that she is officially engaged and will marry longtime boyfriend Riley Roberts.

My condolences to “Republicans” left “mad” and, no doubt, crestfallen by last December’s heartbreaking news that they really can’t date the socialist temptress; I can only imagine the depths of despair.

Anyway, in response to the host of the “Bitchuation Room Podcast,” the Green New Deal authorette- turned-metallurgist declared her engagement ring bling to not only be “recycled gold” — but “zero emission” [sic], as well.


Um, just one problem. Make that two. Maybe three. 

First, as reported by the New York Post, Peter Kahan, of Katz Jewelry in New York’s Diamond District, dismissed AOC’s “recycled gold” nonsense:

“Recycled gold is a marketing term used to promote the gold. All gold is recycled. No gold is ever wasted,” Kahan said, adding that “new” gold makes up only a tiny share of the market.

Second, other experts told the Post that AOC’s claim of “zero emissions” suggests the diamond was created in a lab, and not mined from the earth. Kahan said a lab diamond would be “significantly cheaper” and would have the “added benefit” of being politically correct — by ensuring it did not originate in a conflict zone. But, “zero emissions” to manufacture? Nonsense.

The bottom line:

Does any of this matter to anyone — other than those living in the wokified world of AOC and the loony left? Of course, not. Then why bother? Because the lengths to which lefties like AOC will go to show off their woke “bona fides” is hilarious.


Besides, all “news” doesn’t have to be serious — particularly when it’s about the erstwhile bartender from the Bronx — the self-proclaimed know-it-all of all that matters. Or should.

I now return you to the regular, crazy train world.

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