Psaki Spins Ridiculous Fantasy About Biden 'Leading' Opposition Against Vladimir Putin 'for Months'

Psaki Spins Ridiculous Fantasy About Biden 'Leading' Opposition Against Vladimir Putin 'for Months'
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What do you do when your boss — the president of the United States, no less— is a human dumpster fire who, in little more than a year, has become the laughingstock of the planet to some and feared by others because of his hellbent efforts to destroy America as we know it?

You spin the ever-loving crap out of anything and everything in a desperate effort to snuff out the fire and make your feckless boss look like a superhero who can singlehandedly save the world from itself.

And nobody does “all of the above” better than White House Press Secretary Jen “Circle-Back” Psaki, as she continues to embarrass herself daily as she hopelessly tries to extinguish the latest Biden dumpster fire, but instead fans the flames to ever-greater intensity.

Such was the case on Monday when Circle-Back ridiculously suggested Biden has been “leading this effort behind the scenes for months” — with “this effort” being opposition to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin as he planned and ultimately carried out his brutal invasion of Ukraine.

Let’s jump into the nonsense — straight from Psaki’s Monday press briefing, as transcribed by the White House itself (emphasis, mine).


Over the past 72 hours or so, there have been a series of announcements that have come on aiding Ukraine or punishing Russia. But it has appeared that Europe has taken the lead on many of these announcements, and I can go through a few of them if you want.

But the brunt of my question is I know — whether you can explain whether there’s a deliberate strategy right now in this moment to have Europeans and European nations and European leaders being the ones out front on punishing Russia or supporting Ukraine?

Psaki promptly went to work, bless her heart:

Well, I would say first that the SWIFT banking system is a European system. So, in terms of the steps that would be taken, it would be only natural for those steps to be taken or announced by them. It is something we have clearly been long open to, but I just wanted to state that from the beginning.

I would also say that, you know, the — the President of the United States has been leading this effort around the world in building this coalition, which includes many countries in Europe but also many from other parts of the world, in standing up to President Putin and standing up to the aggression and the invasion of Ukraine.

And so, all of this coordinated action did not happen by accident. It wouldn’t have happened without the President’s efforts, the President’s time he spent on diplomacy, the time of our national security team.

The order of announcements and how that has gone, I would not overread into that because we would not be here had the President not been leading this effort around the world for months.

Needless to say, more than a few White House correspondents were “skeptical” — yeah, let’s call it that — leading to the following observation, and follow-up question, as hem-hawing as it was.


But I think you just saw, you know, over the weekend in particular, this sort of onslaught of news and, sort of, changing posture in Europe, and the President was not — not present at all in the, sort of, like, you know, living rooms of the American people.

You know, we were seeing newscasts of these vacuum bombs and whatnot, but no sort of visual image of the President taking — you know, doing the kind of behind-the-scenes leadership that you just described.

And I do wonder if that is on purpose or if that just happens to be the way the schedule worked.

Uh-huh. Just “the way the schedule worked.” Sure it did. Meanwhile, Psaki kept digging:

Well, the President was at a memorial service for a family member yesterday, and he was with the family on Saturday. And so that was his priority this weekend — or one of his priorities this weekend. [Ah, the old “family” excuse.]

He also, though, engaged in a meeting with his national security team, and I think you saw him quite visible last week and again today — well, I guess you know about his call he had today — and he will continue to, in the days ahead, lead the world in not only building the coalition but pushing for agreement and a coordinated effort to hold Russia accountable.

So I would say this weekend, he had some personal family reasons — an important one: a memorial service for a family member — as to why he was not giving a speech yesterday. But he is somebody who has been leading this effort behind the scenes for months.”

OK, enough of Jen Psaki’s silly drivel — you get the picture. Read the rest of her ridiculous tripe in the transcript in the embedded link at the top, if you so choose. Personally? I wouldn’t bother.

While Psaki remains the up-front hood ornament of the Biden Disinformation Clown Car, she is certainly not the Lone Ranger; other ridiculous Team Biden examples abound.

As we reported on Tuesday, White House Deputy Press Secretary — how much do you have to suck to be Jen Psaki’s deputy? — Andrew Bates went full-metal stand-up comic on Monday, insisting that Biden has “unified the country” against Putin’s attack on Ukraine with his sterling leadership skills.

Not to be a cantankerous sort, but Biden could’ve gone Rip Van Winkle the nanosecond he was sworn into office, still be sleeping, and America would be far more unified than it now finds itself after Mumbles™ Joe has purposely created crisis after crisis.

I mean, we’re talking about a guy who, in mid-December, histrionically warned of an upcoming “winter of severe illness and death” for Americans who refused to be vaccinated — one cannot be vaccinated, as in immunized, against the coronavirus — whose administration on Sunday miraculously declared masking would be an “individual choice option” for those attending Biden’s much anticipated [sarc, but still] State of the Union address on Tuesday night.

Wait — **checks notes ** — The declaration came after Biden’s chief pollster advised COVID Joe™ to declare victory over the virus get on down the road, based solely on disastrous polling numbers. Hmm. Now I get it.

The “individual choice option” mask thingy is a perfect example of the disastrous failure called “Joe Biden.”

And Tuesday night’s SOTU? The Babylon Bee said it best:

The bottom line:

Jen Psaki can spin her heart out until she screws herself into the ground and nothing will change for the gang who not only can’t shoot straight — it has purposely shot itself in the foot from the beginning.

Biden & Co. can obfuscate, dissemble, and lie all they want; the song will remain exactly the same.

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