Delusional Biden Hysterically Warns of 'Winter of Severe Illness and Death' for Unvaccinated Americans

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Maybe it’s a bit hyperbolic to suggest Joe Biden gets incrementally more delusional on a daily basis. If it is hyperbolic, not by much. Whether it’s the obvious steady decline in overall mental acuity, just a stubborn crotchety old man who only believes what he wants to believe, or both, the guy simply isn’t right in his head.


I know how much we cover Biden’s cognitive decline on a near-daily basis — which is not dissimilar to continuing to drive around the block so you can continue to check out a bad accident — but in Joe Biden’s case, every time you drive around the block again to look at that accident, it’s worse.

As RedState reported on Thursday, Biden had a “stellar” day, messing up everything from forgetting the name of his own Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin, to being cringingly incapable of reading a simple number, to delusionally lying about the state of the economy, to his continual trademark mumbling.

Yeah, it was not a good day at all for Corn Pop’s pal. Then it got worse.

Anyone in America who’s paid a modicum amount of attention to Biden knows how delusionally fixated he is, seemingly 24×7, on COVID and in particular, vaccinations.

The emergence of Omicron sent the old guy into a whole different stratosphere of obsession — which he seems to relish as much as his declining life itself. From hyping the ever-loving hell out of it to making up stuff — like vaccinated people can’t contract or spread the variant — to bald-faced lying, his favorite go-to.


Anyway, Dr. Death on Thursday outdid himself — no small feat — with a pathetic attempt to scare the bejesus out of every unvaccinated man, woman, and child in America. It was laughable.

For unvaccinated: We are looking at a winter of severe illness and death, if you’re unvaccinated. For themselves, their family, and the hospital they’ll soon overwhelm.

Sounds like a cheap science-fiction movie, huh?

The problem is, Biden continues to ignore the following facts, as we’ve reported:

Reports Show Omicron Is the Least Severe Variant of COVID-19 Yet

CDC Data, Global Sources Show Majority of Omicron Variant Cases Are Among Fully-Vaccinated

South African Doc Who Discovered Omicron Variant Says the ‘Hype’ Is Unwarranted

South African Medical Head Says You May Want to Slow-Roll the Panic Over New Omicron Variant

The list continues. Yet Biden continues the silly faux hysteria.

Omicron is here. It’s gonna start to spread much more rapidly at the beginning of the year, and the only real protection is to get your shot.

If you’re vaccinated, and you have your booster shot, you’re protected from severe illness and death. Period. [That is patently false.]

I want to see everyone around enjoy that. I want to see them enjoy the fact that they’re able to be in school, that businesses are open and the holidays are coming.


Said the Angel of Death.

Anyway, my fellow Americans, wishing you and yours a happy holiday season of severe illness and death.


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