Facebook Yanks Satire Piece on Trans Woman 'Jeopardy!' for Ridiculous Reason

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As we reported in late December, transgender “Jeopardy!” contestant Amy Schneider became the iconic game show’s winningest woman in program history. However, Schneider’s impressive 40-game winning streak came to an end in late January, but the reigning women’s champ is back in the news. Sort of.

Our story begins with The Babylon Bee, in my not-so-humble opinion, the best satire site in the known universe. The Christian-themed Bee published a piece titled Trans Woman Breaks Jeopardy Record, Proving Once And For All That Men Are Smarter Than Women after Schneider broke the record.

Excerpts (emphasis, mine):

CULVER CITY, CA—Trans woman Amy Schneider broke a winnings record on Jeopardy last week, earning more than any female contestant in the show’s history. Experts say this proves once and for all that men really are smarter than women.

“As a biological male, Schneider is once again proving the vast superiority of the male intellect,” said MIT researcher Dr. Yamblo Figlenstrogg. “For better or for worse, this will be a huge boost for sexists and transphobes everywhere!


“It was so inspiring to see!” said one witness. “Amy Schneider is shattering the glass ceiling for trans people everywhere, while at the same time installing a new, impenetrable, bulletproof glass ceiling for biological women that will never, ever be shattered. Take that, women!”

Unfortunately, Schnieder’s Jeopardy! streak was tragically cut short after being completely stumped by tonight’s “3rd Grade Biology” category.

Perfect satire. One need look no further than “transgender” collegiate swimmer Lia Thomas — who has destroyed the best female swimmers in the country since “she” began to ridiculously compete as a female — as a perfect example; which is no doubt where The Bee looked as a source for its Schneider piece.

Anyway, The Bee piece, published on December 30, apparently raised nary an eyebrow among the Facebook Stasi (Ministry for State [Facebook] Security) at the time but has now done so in the aftermath of Schneider’s ouster from the show. The bottom line?

Herr Zuckerberg’s playground Facebook has jerked The Bee piece off the site for violating — wait for it — “community standards on hate speech.”

Hate speech? [ROFL emoji] Please.

The Bee’s Managing Editor Joel Berry announced the Facebook ban on Twitter, Monday morning. The Facebook Ministry of Propaganda informed The Bee with its usual boilerplate bullcrap.

Your post goes against our Community Standards [ROFL emoji] on hate speech

No one else can see your post.

We have these standards because we want discussions on Facebook to be respectful [unless you’re a radical-leftist].

Repeatedly violating our Community Standards can cause further restrictions [unless you’re a radical-leftist].

If you think we’ve made a mistake you can disagree with the decision [unless you’re a radical leftist because we will never censor anything you post or say].

So cordial, ain’t it? Please.

So again, how does satire based closely on specific examples, and is in no way hateful, distasteful, or offensive, constitute “hate speech”? It doesn’t. And Mark Zuckerberg and his flying monkeys know damn well it doesn’t. What The Bee’s conservative satire does — as no other mainstream satire site does — is lay bare the lies of the radical left in simple, devastating, clean, funny as hell commentary.

While we’re at it, here are a few other hate speech-filled Bee pieces that no doubt also set the rabid left’s hair on fire.


So let’s sum up this whole thing a bit before we wrap up.

The Babylon Bee is in the business of producing satire content to generate revenue. To that end, The Bee’s content must be funny — most are hilarious — and must appeal to a large enough audience to generate sufficient revenue. As is the case with all humor, political satire must contain an element of truth. The more, and closer to reality, the better.

Let’s see… check, check, check, check, check, and check.

The bottom line:

Put simply, The Babylon Bee is to political satire what Fox News host Tucker Carlson is to political punditry. And the left-wing lunatics are terrified of both.


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