Teammates of Transgender UPenn Swimmer Continue to Speak out and They May Show Conservatives a Way Forward

(Simon Bruty/OIS/IOC via AP)

A lot of history was made at the Zippy Invitational swim meet in Akron, OH, on December 3.

Lia Thomas, swimming for the University of Pennsylvania, took 38 seconds off the Women’s 1650 Freestyle event.


As my colleague Jim Thompson pointed out in BREAKING: Dude Beats Women at Swimming Because, He’s a Biological Dude, 38 seconds is a long, long time in swimming. Watching the video, Lia appears to have won by about two laps.

And Jim also gave away the punchline. Lia is a man. Lia, back when he was still Will, swam for three years with UPenn’s men’s team and was good enough to make second-team All-Ivy. Then, he took a year off, during which he decided he needed to get in touch with his feminine side and started swimming for UPenn’s women’s team as Lia.

As has been reported by Outkick, the women on the UPenn team are not happy. They are devastated.

“Pretty much everyone individually has spoken to our coaches about not liking this. Our coach [Mike Schnur] just really likes winning. He’s like most coaches. I think secretly everyone just knows it’s the wrong thing to do,” the female Penn swimmer said during a phone interview.

“When the whole team is together, we have to be like, ‘Oh my gosh, go Lia, that’s great, you’re amazing.’ It’s very fake,” she added.

“The Ivy League is not a fast league for swimming, so that’s why it’s particularly ridiculous that we could potentially have an NCAA champion. That’s unheard of coming from the Ivy League,” Thomas’ teammate explained.

“On paper, if Lia Thomas gets back down to Will Thomas’ best times, those numbers are female world records. Faster than all the times Katie Ledecky went in college. Faster than any other Olympian you can think of. His times in three events are [female] world records.”


Even though the UPenn women swimmers have been told not to speak to the media on this subject, a second swimmer reached out to Outkick yesterday.

They feel so discouraged because no matter how much work they put in it, they’re going to lose. Usually, they can get behind the blocks and know they out-trained all their competitors and they’re going to win and give it all they’ve got,” the source said.

“Now they’re having to go behind the blocks knowing no matter what, they do not have the chance to win. I think that it’s really getting to everyone.”

Akron was an absolute beatdown by Thomas, but it wasn’t without disgust from fans who were in the building watching meet, pool, and school records drop one after the other.

“Usually everyone claps, everyone is yelling and cheering when someone wins a race. Lia touched the wall and it was just silent in there,” OutKick’s source said during a phone interview.

“When [Penn swimmer] Anna [Kalandadze] finished second, the crowd erupted in applause.”

OutKick’s source said that after the 200 freestyle, Thomas could be overheard bragging.

“That was so easy, I was cruising,” Lia Thomas allegedly said.

According to OutKick’s source, Thomas was unhappy with her time after the 500 race, but while standing in front of teammates, made sure to mention, “At least I’m still No. 1 in the country.”

“Well, obviously she’s No. 1 in the country because she’s at a clear physical advantage after having gone through male puberty and getting to train with testosterone for years,” OutKick’s source said. “Of course you’re No. 1 in the country when you’re beating a bunch of females. That’s not something to brag about.”


The infiltration of men who “identify” as women into women’s athletics is becoming sadly commonplace. For instance, Mission College in Santa Clara, CA, has a 6’8″ player who has now played college ball as both a man and a woman.

How about Australia’s contribution?

And this.

And this.

Here you see what used to be associated with a drunken Saturday night in the down-in-the-heels parts of down re-enacted as an MMA event when a transwoman, I think that’s the proper terminology, it’s hard to keep up with what is and isn’t appropriate week-to-week, crushes the skull of her real-woman opponent.

For a comprehensive list, you could do worse than consulting this list.

It is difficult to watch any of those videos and not be reminded of this episode of Seinfeld.

I’m of two minds on this. Bear with me on the pronouns because if I don’t use the correct ones, I take the chance on Facebook entering a strike against the site and blocking this post. We all know it is bullsh**, but in today’s hyper woke media environment, it is the price of being able to speak.

First, I’m appalled that the NCAA would go along with such a corrupt display of gamesmanship. I obviously can’t speak for what makes Thomas think that trophies won by cheating have any value or how she believes this fraud she’s perpetrating upon women’s swimming, with the connivance of UPenn and the NCAA, is anything less than shameful. She reminds me of the guys I investigated as an Army Assistant Inspector General for wearing awards and decorations to which they were not entitled. Thomas is not a hero or champion, but the other members of the UPenn team are victims. They have worked damned hard for over a decade — only to be beaten by a biological male. It is really difficult to see how the movement of second-tier male athletes into women’s sports under the guise of “identifying as women” doesn’t violate the spirit, if not the letter of the same Title IX that destroyed male collegiate sports.


Conservatives have struggled to combat this transgender nonsense. People who claim to be conservatives openly support the transgender movement because they don’t want to be bad guys. In fact, we have Republicans, like those who are sponsoring the Fairness for All Act, who are trying to recognize the craziness in federal law. The military provides free addadictomy and chopadicfromy procedures while having braces or taking Ritalin with the last two years disqualifies you from enlistment. Federal courts are allowing grown, biological men to go into women’s bathrooms and locker rooms because federal judges lack the guts or wits to validate thousands of years of human history and experience. One federal circuit, the Eleventh, has even ruled that it is a constitutional violation to prevent biological males from competing in women’s sports.

On the other hand, I’m buying popcorn. The way to fight this is by letting the non-political public see the damage this is doing to women’s athletics and getting the political left to say “enough is enough.” The parents who sent their daughters to UPenn on swimming scholarships may not be conservatives, but they will not like what is going on. The universities will have to answer to alumni donors for what they are allowing. At some point, even the morons in the Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity offices will see that women of all colors are being replaced by white men who suddenly claim they identify as women, and for which, there is no way refuting that claim.


In the race in the video, the crowd recognizes the second-place swimmer as the winner, as she is an actual woman competing against other women. Eventually, institutions will have to come to grips with the same realization. If you look at the media coverage of Thomas, there is very little of the “bold and brave” coverage that transgender athletes usually get. My guess is because women’s swimming is a sport that more progressive reporters have sympathy for than, say, powerlifting. I can hardly wait to see the reaction when the first men join the leftwing darlings of the US Women’s National Soccer Team.

Of course, there is no guarantee the victory will be quick or clean. But the imagery of biological men competing against biological women while claiming to be women will not sit well with very many people, no matter their politics. I think that an indirect approach rather than a head-on fight that unifies the left is the better way to go.


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