BREAKING: Dude Beats Women at Swimming Because, He's a Biological Dude


I’m nostalgic for days when men competed against men. And women could compete against women. Sadly the dynamic has changed. It was like, five seconds ago when the wokesters were telling us dudes who decide they are women wouldn’t be ruining women’s sports. Guess what. We’re there.

At the University of Pennsylvania (Penn), a swimmer formally known as Will Thomas currently competing as a woman shattered every school swimming record, at least for the women’s team. Will, when he was Will was an okay swimmer as a dude – now Thomas is Superman, uh, Superwoman.

At a recent event, Thomas beat the next actual woman by 38 seconds which, in swimming, is an eternity. Asked my wife (she competed against actual women) and she told me, “That’s an eternity,” So, with her being a woman, I had to believe her.

Outkick Sports did an excellent job reporting on this. How do Thomas’ teammates feel? They are pissed but fear repercussions if they complain or voice the obvious like: “That’s a dude.”

Outkick interviewed Penn women swimmers, and they are universally afraid to speak the truth. People who are not afraid of losing their jobs have also called out the obvious and blatant destruction of women’s athletics.

Biological men are competing against women; they are making women disappear.

Guess what? It. Ain’t. Fair. They all need a giant Asterisk kicking.



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