NYC Middle School Students Celebrate COVID Vaccines by Singing, Unvaxxed Kids 'Ain't No Friends of Mine'

NYC Middle School Students Celebrate COVID Vaccines by Singing, Unvaxxed Kids 'Ain't No Friends of Mine'
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Just when you think the left’s never-ending efforts to pit American against American over the COVID “pandemic” couldn’t get any more disgusting, there’s this: In a New York City public school “holiday show,” fifth to eighth graders were forced to sing at least one song against their fellow — unvaxxed — students.

“It’s safe to vax and if your friends don’t vax then they ain’t no friends of mine,” the young kids sang, according to a mother who attended and shared her recordings with Just the News.

While the singing is hard to understand, the visual elements make clear the children at the Upper West Side’s M.S. 243 Center School are being taught to celebrate COVID-19 vaccines and single out unvaccinated peers

Antigone Michaelides said her son knew “two or three” such peers in December’s Theater Arts at The Center School (TACS) show, written by teachers, in which student participation is mandatory.

Even worse? New York City does not require public school children to be vaccinated against COVID.

Children are shown in one video holding signs for Pfizer and Moderna — sick, in and of itself — and singing a parody of the Men Without Hats song, “Safety Dance,” which includes the aforementioned parallel lyric to “Your friends don’t dance, and if they don’t dance, well they’re no friends of mine.”

Michaelides tweeted an image of the bizarre scene, along with what I assume was an accurate stat about one in five kids at her son’s school being unvaxxed.

In another strange video, two kids holding signs reading “I FEAR GOD NOT COVID” and “I AM NOT A SCIENCE EXPERIMENT” appear to be a shot at families with religious or medical objections to COVID vaccines, although it’s hard to make out what they’re singing.

Speaking of COVID science experiments, as I reported in early January, a preliminary study in Israel found that a fourth COVID “vaccine” (it’s not a vaccine, per the CDC definition) was not enough to prevent Omicron infections.

Even worse, as I reported in December, Pfizer and BioNTech (again) delayed releasing ongoing trial results of children ages 6 months to under 5 years old, after the companies found that the two-dose regimen didn’t generate a strong enough immune response in some children.

The solution? Pump a third shot into children as young as six months old.

Meanwhile, the disgusting play got even more disgusting, as noted by Just the News.

Other children appear to be dressed as conservative caricatures: a box of Kool cigarettes, a man in fatigues with an American flag, Napoleon Bonaparte, and the so-called QAnon shaman Jacob Chansley, who was sentenced to 41 months in prison for his role in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

By my calculation, we’re talking kids 10-14 years old. Yep, no indoctrination going on here at all.

Michaelides and her husband David Porter, self-described as “lifelong Democrats” who “marched against the Iraq War,” told Just the News they didn’t want The Center School to “burn to the ground,” but at the same time had become increasingly disillusioned with the school’s handling of COVID and finally decided to break the story about the play.

Welp, look at that, would ya? A pair of diehard Democrats whose son gets caught up in the COVID insanity and who have finally had enough. So, they throw the offending parties — teachers and administrators at their son’s school — under the bus in deference to sanity, and most of all, science. Who knew?

Joe Biden and the COVID Elf Anthony Fauci were unavailable for comment.

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